Due to vehicle-related misfortune we missed out on seeing the brilliant Holland at the same time as Cut Ribbons. For those of you who get the chance to see them in the future we’d whole-heartedly recommend it.

Luckily we still got the chance to speak to them about what they’re up to and what we can expect, besides a new van of course!

BCFB:  How’s the tour been with Cut Ribbons? They’ve told us that you’ve been getting a good reception on the whole, any particular favourite venue?

Luke: The tour with Cut Ribbons was really great. It was probably the longest run either of us have been out on I think, but it flew by. With regards to a favourite venue, I would have to be a little biased and go with our two home shows in Falmouth and Brighton. They were easily my favourite shows of tour.

BCFB: If we’re not mistaken your debut LP is being released on your own label 1945 Records, what can you tell us about the process behind it?

Luke: Our record was physically released on our own label. The digital was handled by the always rad Killing Moon Records.

We have always been pretty self sufficient and set in our minds as to what we want to achieve. We wrote all the tracks, got them recorded and mastered off of our own backs. Why not release them? I have personally always been into the idea of starting a label of sorts and releasing the music I would like to hear. Why not start with my own band.

That’s not to say we are adversed or against releasing on an actual label at any point. This just felt like the best thing to do for us at this time. We hope to break away from ourselves at some point too and start releasing other music. But, for now, Holland is the main priority.

BCFB: Having had some BBC airplay this year and being compared to bands like Brand New and My Bloody Valentine, how does that feel?

Luke: It’s pretty humbling that someone would pay attention to the music we are making together. We are pretty stoked on the airplay we have started to get.

With the comparisons too. I’m a huge fan of both of those bands, so it feels great to be thought of in the same vein. Especially with Brand New, I grew up with that band. I hold them in pretty high regards and they represent a certain state of artistic integrity (especially in the last two records) that I really appreciate.

BCFB: What can we expect to see from you guys later this year?

Luke: As I mentioned earlier, we have just come off this Cut Ribbons tour. We are going to scuttle back to our living rooms and rehearsal space and start writing again. We hope to have a standalone single out maybe at some point and maybe even get started on recording another EP of sorts. Along side with that we hope to get out on a few little weekenders and a lot of stand alone shows in the Brighton/London area as usual. Hopefully even another big-ish tour too.


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