We love discovering new bands here at Birthday Cake For Breakfast, so our ears were delighted when we came across Liverpudlian four piece Kusanagi.

We recently got the chance to chat with the dudes to find out where they’ve been all our lives!

Birthday Cake for Breakfast: There seems to be a slew of great bands coming out of Liverpool, is there something in the water?

Kusanagi: I’d like to say yes we’re all just mutant instrumentalists, but honestly I don’t know, it just seems the last few years a number of bands have emerged from Liverpool doing instrumental and electronic forms of music, which a lot of people seem to love or have taken a keen interest in.
I think the good thing about the bands in Liverpool at the minute is all of us are trying different styles of the genre so that none of us really sound the same, which we like. There are a number of great bands from the city, the likes of Alpha Male Tea party, Muto Leo, Wired to Follow, Minion TV, and Phonetics to name a few. It just shows you all the different styles of instrumental and electronic music coming out of the city. We’re just glad to be a part of it and hopefully spread the word around the rest of the country.

BCFB: What can you tell us about your formation?

Kusanagi: All of us apart from Dean (our drummer) have known each other for years, but only decided to form a band around August 2011. We met Dean by chance as Dan our bassist worked with him. After one jam we could tell it was clearly going to work.
We gave ourselves a target of gigging by February/March the following year and wrote a brand new set and recorded our first release ‘Mirror Image’, which was the first song we ever wrote together. We also made a video for the track ourselves and released the two in January 2012. We then played our first gig in Early March 2012 thanks to Edils Recordings, supporting Zola on their E.P launch night.

BCFB: You’ve just released your debut self-titled E.P, what was the process behind that and how has the reaction to it been?

Kusanagi: The reaction has been good so far. We released it in April and so far we’ve had a number of positive reviews and two songs off it, ‘Resistance is Character forming’ and ‘Lisbeth’ played on a few radio shows, including two BBC Introducing stations and a Texas podcast.
We started recording in late 2012, by first recording the drums in a separate recording studio and then taking them to our friends studio. We then recorded all bass and guitars here. Our guitarist Alan Caulton and engineer Liam Bradbury recorded and mixed all the tracks here. We then set a date to release it in spring 2013.

BCFB: Along with the E.P came a video for ‘Resistance is Character Forming’ – How was the recording of that? Can we expect more videos from the E.P?

Kusanagi: The recording of the video for ‘Resistance’ was fun. We decided we wanted a more live action video (basically, us in a room playing), as our first video was a lot more abstract. We got help from our friends Chis Everett, Ciara Doone Rush and Royden Gomes, who are local photographers, to come shoot the video and we edited the video ourselves. So far we’ve had a good reaction to the video and had a lot of plays on YouTube.
We enjoy making videos and collaborating with new people. We try and do most of the work ourselves, kind of DIY ethic, but if we could afford it and had a lot of the equipment, we’d love to make videos for all the songs. We will definitely be having new videos for tracks on our next E.P, if we don’t have any more for the songs on this one.

BCFB: You’ve played with some great bands (including firm Birthday Cake for Breakfast favourites Alpha Male Tea Party and Cleft), that’s pretty good going for a reasonably new band – how has that been for you?

Kusanagi: We played with Alpha Male Tea Party on our third ever gig at their album launch. AMTP were amazing that night, so much energy – really funny and nice guys, and their songs are huge. The atmosphere was awesome too, not often do you see a guy in tiny teenage mutant ninja turtles hot pants and a bright lime green top and socks playing awesome songs, it was a sight I’ll never forget. I think we learned a lot from them that night defiantly one of our favourite bands, and it’s good to see them doing so well at the minute.
Cleft are brilliant, we played with them twice – top guys and an amazing band. I love the sound they have. Its monstrously technical and such a big sound for two guys. They are a very cool band and again, great to see them doing so well.
We’ve played with some great bands over the last year and learned a lot of what to do and what not to do. It’s always nice to see bands you’ve played with doing well, almost all bands we’ve met are really nice guys too which makes it easier to like them even more

BCFB: Musically, you remind us of the awesome three piece instrumental group Brontide. As a band, who would you class as your musical influences?

Kusanagi: Thank you for the comparison to Brontide, they are an amazing band. I think for us we have a lot of different influences, both individually and as a band. As a band, we are very much influenced by Japanese bands like Toe and Lite. We also really like And so I watch you from afar and Mogwai. I think we all have different influences individually which we all bring to the table. We all like different genres of music and try and incorporate this into our music, whether it be Film music, Rock, Folk, Electronic, Metal, Pop.
We love music as a whole and various Bands/artists, from Deftones, Tool, NIN, Bjork, Hans Zimmer, Mastodon, Rush to R.E.M, they  have all influenced us in some way.

BCFB: What have you got on for the rest of the year?

Kusanagi: We are going back into the studio in July/August to record our second E.P, which we are looking forward to. We have a few shows booked in July, including a gig which we are putting on with another band called Muto Leo. We are also playing in Derby at the end of July with Cleft and a load of other top bands. We will hopefully be booking a number of shows for the rest of the year and looking to release our second E.P in October 2013.


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