Bad Grammar’s Treehouse of Horror


Halloween is great if you’re a kid (or was, at least – Do kids even go out these days?) Trick or Treating with your mates, dressing up in a cool costume and most of all – free sweets!

Halloween is even better if you’re an adult. You’ve still got the dressing up side of things, you’re probably in a position where you can buy as much sweets as you want all by yourself, and you can officially drink booze! Throw in a live rock show, and you’ve got a great reason for calling in sick the next day.

In their FIRST EVER headline show, Bad Grammar took over the lovely Dulcimer Bar in Chorlton this past Halloween. Bringing with them a set of old and new songs, including new pop smash which they’re currently working on in the studio, the dudes had support in the way of Mancunian locals Horsebeach and The Hyena Kill.


A fellow Manchester based two piece, The Hyena Kill are Lorna and Stephen, A balls to the wall metal machine! Two words to describe them? Heavy and Riffy (but don’t google image “Hyena Kill”). Finding themselves sandwiched between Horsebeach and Bad Grammar, The Hyena Kill tore it up, with a lot of people being overheard to say “These guys are really fucking good” in between songs.  The band have just released a new E.P., and are looking to begin touring soon. I caught up with them both before the show:

Listen to the interview here!


Horsebeach delivered a different sound to their contemporaries, coupled with a softer energy, to start up the show. That’s not a bad thing though, and I think it helped ease people into it – especially with what was to follow. The main thing I like about Horsebeach is the jangliness of the guitars and  Smiths-esque vibe the music has – A band that certainly wears their influences on their sleeves. Ahead of the show, I caught up with Horsebeach to discuss their influences, jaffa cakes, and how they got together as a band:

Check out the interview here!

Birthday Cake for Breakfast love Bad Grammar, so it was great to see them headline their own show, and bust out a longer set. They even performed an encore of sorts, with a track lead singer Ben admits they’ve not played in a while…Another superb Bad Grammar show, with great support to back them up, cementing them as a powerful two piece on the Manchester music scene. If you’ve not heard them yet, you really must! For details on upcoming shows, check them out on Facebook!



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