Kickstart Cleft’s Heart

Cleft are making an album of 10 noisy tunes which we are hoping to release in February 2014 via download, CD, and 12″ Coloured Vinyl

Great news, right? Turbo-prog giants Cleft are making a new album!

Cleft have been working hard this year, delighting the ears of music lover’s up and down the country. So with all that hard work comes the news that a new album is in the works – Fantastic! But they need your help.
Caviar and champagne are expensive habits, and thus Dan and John need help with the production costs for the album’s physical release. That’s where you come in. Cleft have set up a Kickstarter to help them along with production costs and they are currently looking for donations.
I spoke with John, the man behind the drums, about this Kickstarter campaign and how YOU, Dear reader, can get involved.
What gave you the idea to start this Kickstarter campaign?

Mainly because we didn’t have a spare two grand hanging around to make the physical copies of the album, but seeing that it’s worked for far more bizarre and far-fetched projects than ours it seemed like it would be worth a shot!

How has the response been?

Remarkably good!  We’re up to almost 80% funded now with 17 days left to run which is pretty bloody marvellous to be honest, so a big thanks to everyone that’s pledged so far. When we started Cleft, we didn’t really expect anyone but ourselves to like it as we were convinced it was stupid and nobody would want a two-piece playing noisy odd stuff.   Turns out we were more wrong than Marty McFly was about Hoverboards and plutonium-power sports cars, and even when we were doing out first gigs and had nothing to sell, a guy just gave us a tenner in Liverpool because he wanted to support us.

What sort of incentives can people receive with their donations?

You can pledge anything from £1 up, and get copies of the album on download, CD and 12″ vinyl when it’s released (as well as getting your name in the credits), getting us to splurge our musical seeds all over your record or stuff like having us record your band’s next demo with our mobile studio.

How far along is the album, and what can we expect this time around?

It’s all recorded and as of this week, mostly mixed.   You can expect the usual Clefty riffing, dramatic dynamic changes and lots of songs played faster than they probably should be played, as well as a couple of unexpected bits that we are keeping under our floppy hat for now.

Would you consider something like this for future releases?

Yeah, definitely.  Asking people to help us seems to work really well, and we’re honoured that so many would step up and give us a hand to finish this thing.

How can people get involved?
Go to and check out the fun stuff you can pledge for. Thank you!
So here’s where you can get involved. Head to the link above and PLEDGE! Because even though it appears that Cleft have the finish line in sight and are now graciously blowing kisses to their adoring fans, they still need that extra push to get them there.
Are you the sort who has always wanted to appear in the liner notes of your favourites bands album? Then put £50 into the Cleft charity tin. Haven’t you always wanted Cleft to play a radical 1 hour show in your living space? Then sling 100 golden coins their way. Want the guys to come round and cook you tea? Well I’m sorry, but that option has been taken…
There are all manner of exclusive goodies to entice you into pledging money toward this project, but overall what you’re mainly doing is helping Cleft put out this record and deliver a new slice of turbo-prog gold into the world.

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