Elvis Vs Elvis – A Treat from The Computers on Black Friday


Vinyl lovers rejoice! Record store day is upon us yet again, this time to celebrate Black Friday! Whilst it might not be as big as the official Record Store Day, there are still a load of exclusives and reissues up for grabs.

Impeccably dressed rockers The Computers are celebrating this joyous day with an exclusive 10″ picture disc, limited to 500 copies. Following on from last year’s Misfits themed release for Black Friday, this year the five piece from Exeter have set their sights on the Kings of Rock and Roll – Elvis Costello and Elvis. Covering such hits as ‘Alison’ and ‘Always on my Mind’, this is a great ode to two massive inspirations for the group.

I am a huge Elvis Costello fan myself, so I think it’s brilliant The Computers are covering three top tunes. I’d quite like to hear more from them, so if this does well – who knows!

The Banquet Records store have 100 copies to give away, so if you play your cards right, you should be able to pick one up! But do remember, these are limited edition – I imagine once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Still not convinced? Here are two tracks to whet your appetite!



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