&U&I – Wedding Band


Adolf Hitler – Bad Lad

It’s not every day you get to talk to one of your favourite bands about the death of the baby Hitler. But last weekend I got to do just that, when I caught up with &U&I following a show at The Flapper in Brum. We also discussed other pressing issues such as pissing the bed and where they’ve been for the past year…

It’s been a quiet year in the &U&I camp, but they were bought back together on the 30th November for a memorial show in honour of Jason Rosenthal, formerly of On the Might of Princes. Support came in the way of Youthman and Shapes. When I heard Shapes and &U&I were to be playing together for the first time in ages, I jumped at the chance to get involved, and booked my ticket to Birmingham!

So where have they been after all this time? Well, for one, they’ve been getting involved in weddings. Weddings! Taking an entirely different route with the band, they’ve started playing the occasional  wedding. This bug seems to have bitten the lads, and I for one am all for it. In fact, I might rush forward with a proposal and sort a Wedding out sharpish, just so I can experience this live:

Following an absolutely belting set, and after indulging in far too many shandies, I had a chat with Thom, Rich and Wiz to discuss how they got started, the tension of recording an album against a beautiful backdrop, and how they got involved with weddings. We also talked about time travel and how/if the lads would cope when tasked with killing off baby Hitler.

Due to a fuck up on the part of hosts, you’ll have to click here to listen to the interview – it’s worth it though!



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