Shooting the shit with Shapes


Despite playing in Portugal mid year at a warm-up show for Primavera Sound, much like Birmingham based bezzies &U&I, Shapes have been a bit quiet this year. So I was delighted to hear they were playing alongside &U&I this past weekend at their Birmingham home from home, The Flapper.

Playing in memory of Jason Rosenthal of On the Might of Princes, the two groups were joined by rad new group Youthman, who seem to be making a name for themselves (Zane Lowe’s a fan!) Shapes themselves were awesome. They’ve fast become one of my favourite live bands in recent years, bringing such intensity and enthusiasm into their sets.

As with &U&I, I wanted to find out more about Shapes and where they’ve come from. More importantly, I wanted to know what we can expect from them in the upcoming year. So having been blown away by all three bands, I nipped outside to have a chat with Shapes, where they reflected on their experiences with first album ‘Monotony Chic’, as well as a hungover performance at Tramlines Festival in Sheffield.

I’m pumped to be able bring you this interview, and a first glimpse into what rad plans Shapes have for the future. It’s time for everybody to get excited!

Check out the interview here!



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