Those Rotten Thieves – Your New Favourite Band


…kids can’t sit on Santa’s knee these days, it’s probably because of his massive sack.

Dead dirty is how I would describe the sound Those Rotten Thieves produce. Lemmy with his cock hanging out of his fly, Ozzy sticking his thumb up a bird’s arse. Proper old school Rock and Roll sleaze. And it’s really great!

Previous single ‘Leather Lover‘, released in May of this year, is pretty good for setting the pace you can expect from the Thieves. Now the Northern three piece have just released a new single, and it’s like a non stop smack round the chops – but in a good way. Picture Motörhead, but with good haircuts and no massive unsightly warts…

Birthday Cake for Breakfast had the pleasure of chatting with Thieves frontman Bobby Ricker, who talked us through new single ‘Vacant Position’ and the thought of stealing this year’s Christmas Number 1 spot.

How did you guys get started?
We started as a punk band whilst we were living in Leeds. Eventually we decided that we wanted to do something else, so we changed the name and sacked off the tunes. I think you can still hear elements of the old stuff though.

You’ve just released ‘Vacant Position’, what can you tell us about it?
I wrote the lyrics for it whilst I was working in a call centre. The place was depressing and completely soul destroying. It made me pretty void of inspiration for most of the time. I eventually quit. It’s pretty much a commentary on working in that kind of environment.

How has the reaction to the release been?
It took us a while to release this one, but it’s always good to get something new out and see what the consensus is. My mum hasn’t heard it yet, though she did ask if it had reached number 1. Only time will tell.

What else have you got out that people can get their hands on?
Leather Lover was our first single, which like Vacant was a self-release. We have a couple of t-shirts too. Our bassist Sam designs all of our artwork and then screen-prints it in our studio. It’s nice to be self-sufficient in that respect.

Christmas is around the corner, any chance you boys are gonna sneak in and take the Number 1 spot?
There’s still time to get in the studio and put something out there. I’ll get our drummer Bowers to dig out the sleigh bells. We could do a video too. Although kids can’t sit on Santa’s knee these days, it’s probably because of his massive sack.

What have you got on for the upcoming year?
We’re putting out a 10” next year, which we’re pretty excited about. It will feature a load of new tracks and it’s going to be a limited pressing. This time somebody else is releasing it for us though. Other than that it’s pretty much standard procedure, a load of gigs, some new tunes and trying to squeeze in a few festivals.

Vacant Position is out now, and you can download it FOR FREE at the Thieves bandcamp.

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