Brawlers sign to Alcopop! Records


Today has been a great day for Alcopop! related news. Firstly, my Alcopop! ‘Clever Girl’ Christmas jumper arrived (It’s rad, cheers Jack x), and secondly (and probably more importantly…), they’ve snapped up Leeds four piece Brawlers to the label!

Now listen – I admit it. This is my first time hearing Brawlers, BUT I think they’re my new favourite band! My first taste was their blinding new single ‘Instagram Famous’ which is so bloody infectious, and then I knew I was in safe hands when I learned their new EP is to be called ‘I Am A Worthless Piece of Shit‘, which I’m not sure but *I think* might be the greatest title I’ve ever heard.

Having formed in the Summer of 2013, the band is made up of former and current members of Dinosaur Pile-Up, Leftover Crack, Castrovalva and Martyr Defiled. On the bands formation, frontman Harry George Johns had this to say:

Brawlers was an itch we all felt we had to scratch. We wanted to do something fresh, sing about how stupid/rad stuff is on the internet (check the song “Instagram Famous”) and be a bit dangerous

Alcopop! have scored another blinder here, and will be releasing the band’s debut EP, set for release March 5th. To tide you over until then, you can download ‘Instagram Famous’ here!


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