EP Review: Kusanagi – They Will Come Back For You…


Fucking hell, does this EP start strong?

‘Spires’ opens up the latest offering from Liverpool based four piece Kusanagi, and it pretty much sums up what they’re all about in one song. Delicate in places, yet riffy as fuck when they want to be, pure instrumental mathy goodness. I would be dancing about my room like a loon if it wasn’t half ten and I wasn’t sat in bed with my girlfriend. Maybe tomorrow afternoon…

Following on from the release of their self titled debut last year, this new record is another step in the right direction for a band that you should be keeping an eye out for.

‘What fools these mortals’ is pretty brutal. At just under three minutes, it’s relentless throughout, and sounds like it should be in a film soundtrack, something which I’m sure Kusanagi would be pleased to hear.

Closing track ‘One day, they will come back for you…’ is probably my stand out track. Groovy bass lines and poppy guitar parts throughout, building to a thrashy crescendo that leaves you wanting more. Their next EP I guess…

If I had to think of one thing I don’t like about the EP, and this is purely down to personal taste, it would be the artwork. I’m a huge believer in striking art work (see AHJ by Albert Hammond Jr, The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me by Brand New) and the artwork for this EP just doesn’t do it for me. But that’s not a slight on the music, it’s still a top notch effort, incredible in parts, and well worth your time.

They Will Come Back For You… is out today, and you can buy it here, and for less than a pint of lager bitter. NO EXCUSES!


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