Hey, have you heard about…Pedro Don Key

The cheeky scamps: Pedro Don Key

The cheeky scamps: Pedro Don Key

How would I describe the Pedro Don Key sound? Dope as fuck.

Pedro Don Key are a Manchester two piece that are perfecting the art of (in their own words) “dicking about.” Dicking about in this case being performing incredibly tight mathy spasms of joy.

Ahead of the Bad GrammarForced Fun‘ EP Launch (which you can buy here), I had a little chat with the lads from Pedro Don Key to find out a bit more about them.

Having met at a pub quiz back in smelly Stoke, John (drums) and Jim (Geetar) made the move up to Manchester, losing a third member in the process. You wouldn’t think it though – both on record and live, they sound massive. Much like their pals in Bad Grammar, it feels like there’s a gang of five on stage. So it seems mad when guitarist Jim puts across Pedro Don Key as them “just dicking about“, almost in a self depreciating manner. It’s not of course, they’re just two straight up, laid back dudes. They just happen to be a really fucking good band – John’s a cracking drummer, and Jim plays very intricate guitar without making it look like a big deal.

They’ve got two EP’s on the market, Pedro Don Key #1 and Das Boot (both of which you can listen to here) which were quite fittingly laid back production wise. John, talking about the production of the first EP “We lived in a house in South Manchester with a bunch of mates and we just had a room under the house, so we just had all the gear set up all the time. Just recorded it there…Same kinda thing, just dicking about” and on the latest EP ‘Das Boot’ “We wrote all the songs in Manchester. Recorded it ourselves actually, mixed it and stuff ourselves. I dunno, it’s just a bunch of songs we wrote and recorded up here – they don’t really have any concept or meaning behind ’em

Pedro Don Key 'Das Boot' EP

Pedro Don Key ‘Das Boot’ EP

I didn’t realise it was a woman with a black eye until we’d knocked up all the artwork, but I dunno – I just like the picture” said John with a laugh, and I think it’s really great album artwork – It fits the Pedro Don Key vibe (not hitting women, of course…)
Much like their overall style, their musical influences slots right in with what they’re all about, as John and Jim discussed…
John “Madonna…’Music’, the album she did – Ali G in the video – that one. Fatboy Slim’s old band, they’re pretty sick
Jim “and the beautiful south
John “Yeah, Fatboy Slim himself…and erm, A1 – Nuff said

With a buzz starting to emerge over Pedro Don Key, the question is: what next? John “Sort of recording some stuff at the minute. Re-doing HiFi Dad and three new tracks. We’ve been recording that in Leeds a couple of weeks ago, I’m not sure when it’ll be all sorted. Just gigging

I’m really buzzing over this band, and I’ve listened to that latest EP at least fifty times a week for the past couple of months. Get your ears around the EP, and get yourself to one of their shows!

They will be appearing at the launch of my new zine NO BRAINER too, which you can attend. YOU! CAN! ATTEND! Deets here!


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