Hey, have you heard about…Antelopes

A still from new Antelopes track 'What A Shame'

A still from new Antelopes track ‘What A Shame’

Sometimes, I hate the labels some bands are given. Genres that sound fucking stupid – Post Rock, Noisecore, Wank Shite. I’d like to say I made that last one up (and I did, mind) but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is a new genre of music.

Manchester based three piece Antelopes describe their sound as ‘pop music’
Nothing daft, good old fashioned pop music, and it’s great! They’ve just released new EP ‘Antelopes 3‘, and it’s a great pop record; a perfect blend of 90’s Lo-fi summery guitar bands. Along with the new record, they’ve also just put out a video for track ‘What A Shame’

I got to catch up with two thirds of Antelopes at the launch of NO BRAINER Zine at Kosmonaut in Manchester. Two lovely guys, lot of time for them. It was from there that we talked it out and sorted out this here piece for Birthday Cake For Breakfast. I asked the questions, Antelopes guitarist/vocalist Sim answered them.

Birthday Cake For Breakfast: How did you guys start?
Sim (Antelopes): It actually started as a recording project on my own. I’d done stuff in the past and never intended to play live, meaning I could over dub a thousand cow bells if I wanted. So the idea for Antelopes was to limit myself to using just a few tracks as if it was a band. A while into that, I’d released a couple of songs on YouTube and was contacted by a label, which meant I had to find a band, so that’s what I did.
Me and Rob had played in a band together previously and always worked well together musically. Bob was the DJ at a bar in town who we got to know and had already had a few jams with before hand. It all sort of fell into place. From there, we decided to turn down the label and go at it properly. Once we started playing together it sounded totally different to how I had done the stuff. In a good way.

Who are some of your influences?
We always really liked The Cribs. Especially the first record, its great. Also really big on Pavement, Sparklehorse, Daniel Johnston and some newer bands like Mac Demarco and Real Estate.

You’ve got a very 90’s, Lo-fi Summery sound – How would you describe the noise ‘Antelopes’ make?
I’ve always thought of it as pop music. I love catchy songs, and its the best feeling when you write something that you can’t get out of your head. That being said, I also love distortion and feedback, so I guess that’s where the Lo-fi feel comes from.

You’ve just released a new record – I love the cover artwork, who’s behind that?
Yeah I was really happy with it too. The drawing was done by a local artist and all round good guy, Cameron Brown.

It’s called ‘Antelopes 3’ I’m guessing third release? What can you tell us about the record?
It is the third release of sorts. We put stuff out in the past that’s since gone, you’re not really missing out on much though. The recording for 3 was a lot of fun. 2 songs were recorded with Kieran Gallimore, also known as Specs, a brilliant local musician. The rest we did ourselves on a multi-track that none of us know how to use properly.

How has the reception been?
We heard some really great things about it. I think it’s great that people are getting into unsigned bands now. I’m not just saying this cause I’m in an unsigned band, but some bands I’ve seen in Manchester recently have been so far above what a lot of established bands are doing at the moment. It’s a really great time to be making music.

You did a video for new track ‘What a Shame’ – It’s incredibly DIY! How was the process behind it? How have people taken to it?
That’s largely because it was. We got a green screen off the internet and taped my phone to a mic stand to film it. It was a blast though! I always liked the look of VHS tapes so it seemed appropriate to record it to a VCR first. People seem to like it. Probably because its stupid. But I’m happy with it.

Where can people find your stuff/see you next?
That’s a great question! We try to keep our soundcloud (/antelopes) up to date. You can hear all of ‘Antelopes 3’ for free there. We are playing Eagle Inn in Salford on 6th June and I’m sure we have a few other dates here and there, if you follow our Twitter (@ntelopes) we will keep you in the loop.


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