Hey, have you heard about…Emilio Largo

Emilio Largo

Emilio Largo

Taking influence from the likes of The JCQ, Arcane Roots and The Mars Volta, Emilio Largo are a three headed prog/math rock hybrid hailing from the mean streets of Edinburgh. Not to be confused with the bad lad from Thunderball, In their own words? “Emilio Largo draw on math, progressive and alternative rock to create an inviting and inventive sound full of gritty riffs and disjointed rhythms.
Never shy of mixing genres up, the Scottish trio also like to dabble in elements of jazz and funk, reminiscent of bands like The Mars Volta and Rolo Tomassi. It sounds pretty rad too!

Their debut EP ‘In Uniform We Divide‘ is a real punchy affair, with driving riffs, proper mathy twiddles and awesome Scottish-twinged vocals. ‘In Uniform‘ opens up the record with such a rad build up, and is soon followed up with duelling vocals reminisce of the late great Dananananaykroyd. Recorded by Mark Morrow of The Winter Tradition, the four track EP was released late last year and you can listen to it in full here.

The month of May saw the group release new track ‘Derealise‘ and also bid farewell to their guitarist. With new guitarist Andrew Beveridge on board, the band have begun work on the follow up to their debut EP, citing instant chemistry in the new formation. With the new single giving us a glimpse into what the band have in store for us, drummer Calum MacVicar explains they’re “Taking a more straight forward approach to song writing this time. We focused on melody and harmonies whilst still retaining elements of what sculpted the sound of ‘In Uniform We Divide’

You can definitely hear a progression in the bands sound on the new single. It reminds me a lot of that last Mutiny On The Bounty record, belting it out with the shouted vocals coming in around the half way mark. Less mathy, it’s a step up for the band and something they see as “a bold step to move on to
Check out the super stylised video for the new single below:

Emilio Largo are soon set to embark on a UK Tour, with plans being finalised as we speak! Keep your eye on the band’s Facebook for further information.

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