Hey, have you heard about…JOHN



I was at a party recently, and I was asked a question I get quite a lot “What bands are you into?” Without even thinking, I’d reeled off a list of contemporary two piece bands. Not a purposeful thing on my part (hey – I’m not against more members, honest) but two piece bands are huge business at the minute. We’ve seen big success from the Royal Blood camp, and one of my favourite two piece groups Slaves are very close to becoming massive. So it only seems right that I introduce you to a new two piece band that could soon be set for big things.

London two piece JOHN are looking to make 2014 their bitch, and have just joined forces with dope label Brain Wave (Layers, Body Hound) to release their self-titled debut EP. It’s riffy, fuzzy, shouty and most important of all, it’s loud – all the things I like. Three tracks worth of thumping drums and scuzzy guitar, the EP doesn’t hold your hand – it pushes you down the stairs from the get go with opener ‘Big Game Tactics’ and continues on, unrelenting.

The band have already had radio airplay on BBC Radio 6 and Amazing Radio with their debut offering ‘Johnny’s Got A Sleeve,’ and are accruing a loyal following down South thanks to their raucous live shows. They’ll be appearing at this year’s Southsea Festival on a ridiculously good lineup (featuring label mates Layers, Body Hound, The Lion and The Wolf, and fellow two pieces Bad Grammar and Slaves!) which I will be looking forward to massively!

I expect big things to come from JOHN, so get your fandom in early! You can even pick up a copy of the EP before its official release on 15th September if you hop along to their show with Talons in September!

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