Axes return on horseback with new record ‘Glory’

AXES // New record 'Glory' out November 2014

AXES // New record ‘Glory’ out November 2014

Axes are (horse)back in the saddle (whey!) The London based math quartet announced earlier this week details of a new record, along with the release of a brand new single AND music video (remember them?)
New record ‘Glory’ will be coming out this November through rad label Big Scary Monsters and follows on from their debut self-titled record released last year.

To get us excited for the new record, the band have debuted new track ‘Junior’ which initially sounds like their previous single ‘Wet, Wet, Wet, Wet’, but then just goes off in an entirely different direction. Inventive is not the word, these guys are purely next level. Check out the rad new video below:

I love Axes. Such a fun band, especially live, who play incredibly tight, riffy as fuck math. Talking with Birthday Cake For Breakfast on the new record, here are bassist Stacey, and guitarists Jeion and Paul.

You’ve just announced your return with a new album scheduled for release in November. How does it feel to be “back”?
Paul: We’ve spent the past year hiding in our rehearsal room. Playing minute sections of music over and over again and slowly losing our minds.  We’re really proud of what we’ve achieved and to be releasing it into the world like 4 overly protective parents feels absolutely amazing.

Jeion: It feels exciting. We know who we are now and I think the new album, and the set we’re going to be playing is really strong. We’re on horseback. No messing around.

With the announcement came a posed photo of you all atop horses – what’s the story there? Are you now an 8 piece with equine accompaniment?
Stacey: Oh that wasn’t posed; we were just on our way to rehearsal.

What can you tell us about the new album?
Stacey: We were mindful not to constrain or limit ourselves at all on this album. We let the music we were writing go wherever it wanted to go and as a result, we seem to have strayed into the territories of many different genres. We were also lucky enough to find Peter Miles; A producer who really understood what we were all about and helped us conduct the most weird and wonderful experiments in the studio to make sure our plans were realised perfectly.

To get us in the mood for the record, you’ve released a new track – What can you tell us about ‘Junior’?
Stacey: Junior is the cheeky younger sibling who’s enjoying the school summer holidays; getting up to mischief and destroying stuff. It’s a playful, youthful tune to see out the summer to.

Paul: We harnessed the sunshine of Seattle Grunge, the sleaziness of Detroit Techno and the haircuts of Brit Pop.

The new track is accompanied by a video – much like your music, it shifts about quite a bit and takes in different elements. What was the process like behind it?
 Making the video to Junior was basically some of the most fun we’ve had with our clothes on. Swimming pools, marine flares, smashing stuff, dicking about in beautiful countryside with your mates. It’s part studio diary, part hang out on a summer’s day with Axes. Chris Hugall, who made the video, captured the vibe of the song perfectly because he himself is that cheeky younger sibling who’ll forever be enjoying his school holidays spirit!

Jeion: Chris is a really great filmmaker and has a wild, free, spontaneous spirit. This is one of the reasons why I nearly drowned making this video.

It culminates in you smashing up your instruments and setting them on fire. A while back you reached out to fans/contemporaries in requesting battered instruments to smash up and now it all makes sense! How was the response there? Were people thrilled to donate instruments for you to batter?
Stacey: People were so generous and helpful. We picked up a guitar here, a drum kit from there, an amp from our drummer’s local chippie. You’re all good eggs in this scene.

Jeion: Yeah, people were really up for it. I managed to get two guitars from the mum of two kids i used to teach guitar about 7 years ago. 

How has the response been to the video so far?
Jeion: Really great. People have said it reflects our general vibe, which is party. We’re taking care of partying whilst Andrew WK is out of the country. 

Can we expect any more videos/singles before the record’s release?
Stacey: Our unofficial 5th member John Lynch, who is also responsible for the horsey shots and album artwork, will be releasing his video for our second tune in late Oct/early Nov to coincide with the album release. It features a bunch of our friends and family and was shot in a derelict Victorian house.

The end of the year sees you touring with label mates Delta Sleep. What can people expect from these upcoming dates?
Jeion: A massive party. And if you make it to Manchester for our Halloween show, us in costume. Not sure what yet. Zombies?

Stacey: And we get to play with great friends and some of our favourite bands, like Delta Sleep obviously but also Cleft and Alpha Male Tea Party. So I’m pretty certain it’s going to absolutely kick off!



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