Hey, have you heard about…FLESH



I’m not one for daft genre names, and I hate it when a band is labelled as “post-“ anything, but every now and then a new type comes along that is just about right. Joining the likes of ‘Fuck Rock’ and ‘Gash Pop’ (The mighty FALLS), let me introduce you to ‘Snot Pop’, and the pioneers of this genre – FLESH. Describing themselves as ‘sleaze snotpop str8 outta manc’, the boys in Flesh are an in-your-face throwback to the days of bucket hats and Kappa shirts. Jangly guitars aplenty, over the top Manc accents and a proper Britpop sound, they’re fucking brilliant. Surprisingly, they’re a breath of fresh air too!

Not content with the usual social media marketing tools, the lads popped up on Tinder as a way to get the word out, which is a genius move. One can only imagine the messages these heartthrobs were receiving (and one dreads to think the messages these sleazeballs were sending out!)

Flesh were a welcome last minute replacement at this year’s A Carefully Planned Festival, filling in for Birmingham three piece Elephantine. “You can’t have them – they’re in the van” they joked as they mugged about on stage. Commanding the room at The Castle, the four piece have a hilarious swagger and jokey nature on stage. It could be easy for folk to dismiss them; straight from the minute you see the boys, you’ve got an idea of what they’re about. But the great thing is, the music is spot on. Four cracking musicians who absolutely nail it every time. It might just look like a laugh, but they’ve got tunes to back it up. They were even giving out free CDs – a ‘nice’ version or a ‘naughty’ one (with a bit of bog roll used for the ‘cover’, nice touch)

Already gaining a lot of interest from music bods, I can easily see Flesh becoming massive in a few months’ time. Their huge new single ‘Vauxhall Casanova’ gives you a great insight into the brash, cheeky throwback nature of the band. Here to take you by the hand and guide you through the video is Robbie, one of the Flesh LADS, who had this to say:

“Our vid for ‘Vauxhall Casanova’ is a mash of a few themes we linked together, like force, predators, fetish, that kind of thing.  We had an ace time recording the track at one of our gf’s house; the neighbours called the police on us a couple times for ‘squatting’ which was a laugh. But yeah, it was all a dead quick turnaround, which is well satisfying from an artist’s point of view.  From the vid shoot though, we deffo learned that whatever you do to a bird behind closed doors, there’s no hiding the evidence of burning feathers; our house still stinks now.​

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