New video for ‘Vessel’ from Dan Mangan + Blacksmith


Whilst still fresh, this video isn’t quite the out-of-the-oven exclusive one would hope for. See, I’m a bit late on this one. But then again, I’m a bit late on Dan Mangan.

A two time award winning artist at both The JUNO Awards and Polaris Music Prize, two of Canada’s most prestigious music awards (You’ve heard of Fucked Up and Arcade Fire, right?), Dan Mangan is a Canadian musician and songwriter.
Having taken a break from the limelight for the past couple of years, he’s now returning with his fourth full length, this time under the moniker of Dan Mangan + Blacksmith – The Blacksmith side being his longstanding band members. On the name change, taken from his website, Club Meds is the fourth LP offering from Dan Mangan, and the first under the moniker “Dan Mangan + Blacksmith”. The new namesake is timely, as this album is indicative of a new beginning, of sorts.
“Blacksmith” is Kenton Loewen, Gordon Grdina, John Walsh (and often Jesse Zubot, JP carter and Tyson Naylor). Many of these musicians have played with Mangan for years, but there’s a reaffirmed cohesiveness or communal sensibility that merits the marquee amendment.”


Just over two weeks old but already boasting 15 thousand views on YouTube, ‘Vessel’ is the lead single from the upcoming record ‘Club Meds’, set for release in early 2015. The video is a true visionary delight and boasts so many cuts and interesting things appearing every few seconds, including various singing animals (and a half eaten fish,) a singing cheeseburger and a head banging royal on a box of cereal. It’s pretty trippy, but totally captivating, all from the mind of the man behind the animation and direction of the video, Ben Clarkson.

Striking whilst the iron is hot (how’s that for a blacksmith pun!), ‘Mouthpiece’ is yet another new single taken from the upcoming record. This time around it’s a darker, more up-tempo track that wouldn’t be out of place in the new series of True Detective (and if that’s not a glowing compliment, I don’t know what is…)
You can hear the latest single ‘Mouthpiece’ through the City Slang SoundCloud here, and check out the video for ‘Vessel’ below.


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