Hey, have you heard about…Space Blood


Last month, Manchester’s Northern Quarter was taken over for two days by the annual Carefully Planned Festival – A Weekend’s worth of live music across some of the Northern Quarter’s best pubs and bars. ACPF is always a great weekend, and due to the incredibly cheap tickets, it’s always well attended. Loaded with bands, it’s sometimes hard to figure out who to see and which bands have to be sacrificed should a clash occur. One band that I didn’t want to miss was the American duo Space Blood, who describe themselves as  ‘A 2 piece theatrical, instrumental math rock band from Chicago with comparisons to Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job, Salad Fingers, & Don Caballero
The idea that a band could be compared to Tim and Eric got a thumbs up from me, so I made sure I was at The Castle for their set. I’m glad I made that decision.

They were certainly spot on with their band assessment. In front of a pretty packed room at The Castle, Space Blood put on a truly baffling show. The bass player sports a hideous Greek Comedy/Tragedy mask , whilst the drummer plays in his underwear, wearing an even weirder mask. Their on-stage patter is provided by a tape recorder, because as it turns out – they’re actually aliens from another planet! The outfits makes sense now!
These pre-taped interludes in between songs are absolutely brilliant, and include many bonding exercises between the band and the audience, one of which has each audience member maintain eye contact with another person, face to face, for a cripplingly long time. All this is absolutely hilarious though, and it’s incredibly well thought out stuff.

The best thing is, they’re actually really good too. Brilliant jazzy, instrumental math sagas. I loved it! They were easily one of my highlights of the weekend.

I was gutted to not be able to pick up one of their cassette’s or a ‘Space Blood loyalty card’ (genius) after their set, as I had to run along and catch another band immediately afterward (such is the nature of ACPF…) but all their stuff is up on their bandcamp (they’ve even uploaded the on stage messages!) and I can no doubt see them returning in 2015. Sooner rather than later, I hope.

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