Wrestling and Riffs: FALLS unleash new video for ‘SIN DIGGER’



Not content with just being fit, the awesome-foursome FALLS, champions of ‘GASH POP’ and ‘FUCK ROCK’, are now fighting-fit!

Following on from the chaotic (and mostly horrible) video for HAMMERS?, Falls have just revealed their latest single SIN DIGGER! The video for the track is a great blast of everything 80’s – VHS style WWF wrestling crossed with an arcade style video game. It sees them take to the ring to fight three big, burly, rough-and-ready wrestlers – the same descriptive terms I would use to describe the music of Falls. A truly pulverizing, pile-driving sound, matched only by their frantic live shows.

I genuinely let out a loud belly laugh at the introduction of BIG GRIFF the bass player, who comes flying into the ring like a fucking rocket, smashing faces in left and right and even chucking in a ‘Stone Cold Stunner’, before we discover it was all just a dream…

Flying onto Birthday Cake For Breakfast like ‘a fucking rocket’, is bass player Ben to sum up the video:
Me and Steff (some drums) went to school with two buff wrestlers. Made sense to have them batter us about a ring for a couple of hours in the name of ‘art’. I’ve attached the original blueprint I made for the video on the back of a Weatherspoons Sunday lunch menu. The song itself just has loads of riffs in it and some singy bits and some shouty bits and some bum wiggly bits. We had the best fun making both the song, and the video and we hope that people also have fun watching it.

The aforementioned artist's impression

The aforementioned artist’s impression

Sin Digger is released November 24th through Death By Records, and you can pre-order the single by clicking on the picture below! You can also stay in touch with the band via their Facebook and Twitter!


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