A welcome return to Birthday Cake For Breakfast for Manchester #LADS Flesh. Having originally featured here after the release of their video for ‘Vauxhall Casanova’, Flesh have since been causing a stir on social media following a glowing endorsement from Dani of Neck Deep. With everyone seemingly hopping on the bandwagon, yesterday Flesh revealed their new highly anticipated video for ‘AVIN IT IN IBIZA’ Continuing on the theme from their previous video, and their brilliant live shows, ‘AVIN IT IN IBIZA’ sees the lads mugging for the camera against a psychedelic backdrop, as well as playing inside and around a stunning SEAT IBIZA. Cocky swagger by the bucket load, it’s a perfect glimpse into the lives of the Flesh boys. Check out the dungarees on drummer John! This tune has been a favourite of mine from their live shows, and I love that proper Manchester twang on ‘SUMMER TIME’ – Proper Madchester vibes aplenty. They’re fast becoming one of my favourite new bands – they’re just great. Watch the video below and see for yourself!

Catch Flesh live this December when they play the Trojan Horse Christmas show! All details can be found here.

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