12 Days Of Alternative Christmas Songs: Day 1!

Birthday Cake For Breakfast // Home for Christmas

Birthday Cake For Breakfast // Home for Christmas 

Christmas. Fucking Christmas, eh?
The Marmite of public holidays, you’ve got one camp who love it (put Birthday Cake For Breakfast firmly in this camp), and then miserable bastards who hate it (possibly you – cheer up, you git) Then you’ve got Religious people, but they’ve got their own problems…

Mince pies, DVD boxsets, getting pissed – It’s bloody great! ‘What about the music?’ I hear you ask? Well of course…

Christmas music is ace. Reuben rightly said Christmas is Awesome – but more on them later…With the Holidays fast approaching, Birthday Cake For Breakfast will count down the 12 best alternative Christmas songs, in a piece I call…

Birthday Cake For Breakfast presents: 12 Days Of Alternative Christmas Songs

Birthday Cake For Breakfast presents: 12 Days Of Alternative Christmas Songs

Honourable mentions go to ‘Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis’ by Tom Waits, ‘It Must Be Santa’ by Bob Dylan, and the entirety of the ‘A Christmas Gift For You From Phil Spector’ album (especially the spoken word ending) which I don’t think really fit in with the Birthday Cake For Breakfast theme, but are certainly some of my favourite Christmas songs.

A big Thank You to my good friend Terry as well, who designed the Christmas themed logos for the site. Terry is a friend from the old wrestling days, and is still a super rock ‘ard wrestler. You should check out his page!

So to kick off the piece, here’s the first song in the 12 Days Of Alternative Christmas Songs countdown:

&U&I – 3 Kingz/Next Episode

The first appearance of Messrs Peckett, Wiz and Lee – in this great Christmas story, they’re the Three Kings (or 3 Kingz if you’re from the streets) from Biblical times. Dressing gowns and tea towels on their heads…

This is a great Christmas/Gangster rap hybrid which manages to include all the voice types in the repertoire of gangster rappers (my favourite being Richard Lee’s sterling rendition) The best thing about this video is the fact that it was made for Rock Sound, who pretty much thanked them for it and hoped it would go away! You can read all about the video and the process behind it in this interview we did back in November.

Frankincense and myrrh-therfucker!’ is genius and will sadly be the best thing ever written. Nothing else will equal that.

Check back with Birthday Cake For Breakfast for a new update every day!
If you’ve got a suggestion for an alternative Christmas song, why not get in touch: Facebook Twitter


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