12 Days Of Alternative Christmas Songs: Day 2!

Day Two

Day Two

Pulled Apart By Horses – Merry Christmas Everybody

As part of a split 7” single release with DZ Deathrays through Too Pure Singles Club, the ever so rad Pulled Apart By Horses have taken a crack at one of the best Christmas songs ever written: ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’ by Slade.

Is there a Christmas song better suited to Pulled Apart By Horses? That classic ‘IIIIIIIT’S CHRIIIIISTMAS’ sounds great as a yell from front man Tom. It’s a true party tune for a proper group of party dudes. No wonder they’re sharing a split single with two other proper dudes, DZ Deathrays. Expect to see their half of the single in the coming days.

Whilst the shot below didn’t make the cover for the single, it’s a heartwarming look at what Christmas is like in the Pulled Apart By Horses household.

Happy Holidays from Pulled Apart By Horses

Happy Holidays from Pulled Apart By Horses

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