12 Days Of Alternative Christmas Songs: Day 7!

Day seven

Day Seven

The Walkmen – The Christmas Party

Gotta love a spoken word intro!

Taken from their EP released for the Holidays, Day 7 of the #12DaysOfAlternativeChristmasSongs belongs to The Walkmen. A true take on the inebriated side of the festive season, it’s a lovely throwback to the jolly sounding yet bitter sweet Christmas songs of old. You can feel the hope and a longing in the direct message to Santa Claus, much like how you can in my favourite Christmas tune ‘Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

Don’t let these friends go home
Don’t let the revelry end
And don’t leave me here, alone

As a Christmas bonus, and to provide a bit of cheer, here’s a live recording of the boys from Philly performing a cover of ‘Holiday Road’ for the folks at The AV Club.

Oh man, I fuckin’ love ‘Holiday Road’ Lindsey Buckingham is a king! This is a great cover of an already great song, but rather than make me think of Christmas it just makes me think of the Vacation film series. “Save the neck for me, Clark!”
This is a pretty faithful cover, but that’s no bad thing. That fuckin’ Rickenbacker by the way – what a beaut!

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