12 Days Of Alternative Christmas Songs: Day 9!

Day Nine

Day Nine

Weezer – The Christmas Song

I’m dreaming of a Winter Weezerland…

Today’s addition to the #12DaysOfAlternativeChristmasSongs list comes from good-era Weezerand it’s another bitter sweet Holiday love song to bring a tear to the eye. Before they became a load of old shite, Weezer were fucking brilliant. This was recorded during that post-Pinkerton, pre-‘Green‘ album period where Rivers was all over the place emotionally and it made for some great songs. ‘The Christmas Song‘ has got a proper good, heart-wrenching Weezer solo in it that’s just absolutely spot on.

So even though it’s a bit of an emotional roller coaster, let us look back to the good old days and raise a glass of mulled wine for when Weezer used to be really good.

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