12 Days Of Alternative Christmas Songs: Day 10!

Day Ten

Day Ten

Peace – Last Christmas

Covering one of the best Christmas songs going, Day Ten in the #12DaysOfAlternativeChristmasSongs countdown sees PEACE take a stab at Wham’sLast Christmas’. I had the pleasure of seeing Peace play this live last December, and it was totes emosh.

I really dig Peace – They’re a bit artsy-fartsy, but it’s all a bit tongue in cheek and they are a fucking good band.

The video is full on Christmas cheese. Like any good Christmas video, the majority of it is spent in the studio laying down the track, intercut with scenes of festive fun as the lads muck about. My favourite part is the reveal of the double necked guitar – Metal Christmas!

Pretty faithful to the original, this is a sterling effort by the lads of Worcestershire, and is the perfect way to get one into the Christmas spirit. It might not be a log cabin in the alps with Pepsi and Shirlie, but Peace seem to be just fine in the studio.

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