12 Days Of Alternative Christmas Songs: Day 11!

Day Eleven

Day Eleven

Reuben – Christmas Is Awesome

If you were after a sweet riff for Christmas, look no further than this belter.

As the #12DaysOfAlternativeChristmasSongs draws to a close, it’s time to bust out the big guns. Today’s song comes from dearly departed Reuben.

It’s a lovely scene in the Reuben household, as we join the three boys going through their gifts on Christmas day. Discovering Santa has come through with the goods this year and got them toy instruments, Reuben smash through an impromptu living room set just for their parents – God Bless. They finish off with a glass of wine by the fireplace, but not before ‘CAROL SINGING KIDS‘.

Reuben // Christmas Is Awesome

Reuben // Christmas Is Awesome

There’s a reason for this appearing so high in the list; it’s such a rad, catchy little Christmas number. But it’s not the best out there – you’ll have to check back tomorrow for that one!

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