A Very Special Christmas Message from…SPACE BLOOD

A Very Special Space Blood Christmas Message

A Very Special Space Blood Christmas Message

A couple months back, you might remember a feature on Birthday Cake For Breakfast on an awesome two piece from a distant planet (the United States of America), Space Blood.
Over the past few days, I have been alerted to a transmission from the theatrical, math rock two piece that comes just in time for Christmas – A Christmas Message, if you will. Writing on their Facebook page, Space Blood announced “Wow! We’ve had quite the busy day. We received a call on our super secret Space Blood red phone from believe it or not, the Queen of England, who called us all the way from Buckingham Fallace. This Christmas the dear old Queenie herself has asked Space Blood to do a special Christmas message for the all world to see. What a nice gesture”

I’m pleased/terrified to be able to let you hear the full transmission yourself, which takes a look at how Space Blood have been spending the second half of the past year (including a mention of their time spent in Manchester at this year’s A Carefully Planned Festivaland the “delighftul chaps” and “babbling knobheads” they had to encounter) and also touches on “the chubby guy in North Korea“, whilst also including a trademark Space Blood joke.

Through the Space Blood bandcamp, you can also find a copy of their tremendous EP ‘There Will Be…’ which is a lovely concoction of jazz/math, loveliness/spookiness, heartbreak/mayhem, all laid down onto four tracks.

Much like Space Blood, I’d like to wish you all the best over the holidays, and I’m going to be making a donation on your behalf to the Human Fund.




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