Hey, have you heard about…Mothers



A few months back at Manchester’s fourth annual A Carefully Planned FestivalI was heading to the Soup Kitchen to check out my first band of the day. A little late, I was pacing along the side of the building to the entrance, and I could already hear the utter power coming from the venues basement. Down below, Aeroplane Flies High were smashing out noisy, grunge laden bangers. Easily the loudest band I’d heard in a while; it was a love at-first-sight situation – The perfect riffy antidote to a bad head from the evening before…

Cut to January 1st 2015, and I’m walking home from a New Years Party. Having just slept on a sofa somewhere in Whalley Range, with memories of waking up in the middle of the night to throw up, I was (again) feeling a little worse for wear. But whilst checking out the daily dose of social media tripe on my phone as I made the long walk home, something brightened my mood. That noisy trio that had captured my heart back in October had made an announcement. Doing away with their previous moniker, the band were now to be known as Mothers (much cooler) with a new record set to come out later this year on sweet, sweet vinyl!

Aeroplane Flies High were Jack Evans, Lewis O’Neill and Roanne Wood. Mothers are Jack Evans, Lewis O’Neill and Roanne Wood. Still the same kick-arse group, but with a new punchier title.
Speaking with Birthday Cake For Breakfast on the name change, front man Jack:

BCFB: So the big story – Name change. Sounding very Frank Zappa-esque, Whats the story behind the new name?
Jack: Aeroplane Flies High was a little long and hard to say in a loud gig environment.
‘What’s the name of your band?’
‘Aeroplanes Fly High???’
Also, while we do like Zappa, it’s nothing to do with him. It’s just a cool short and sweet name that we decided on that we all loved right away!

We thought with wanting to release an album this year, it’d be best to change the name now rather than later. Fresh start and a whole load of new songs. 

With the name change announcement on New Years, you also declared you’ll be releasing an album in 2015. Can you tell us more about that?
Well we’ve got about 10 new songs now that are nearly ready to be recorded and then we’ll be putting it out. It WILL be on vinyl. Hopefully it’ll be Summer or thereabouts!
It’s going to be heavy and it’s going to be noisy. 

I caught you at last year’s Carefully Planned in Manchester, and my first impression was how fucking loud you were – Please tell me that’s carrying on through into Mothers??
Yes definitely!!!! Our sound is all about loud guitars and big drums and we love it like that. All of our new songs are very different to ‘Honey‘ and ‘Blossom‘. We’ve always been a super noisy and heavy band and Honey was a pretty heavy pop streak for us. We don’t regret anything however, we’re just finding our sound still. Anyone who saw us on our tour in December will know what to expect… 

Speaking of your sound, who are some of your influences?
There isn’t a band that solely influence the band as such, however we all like different bands and genres which I suppose contribute to the overall sound.
Personally, my favourites are Part Chimp, King Crimson, Trumans Water and The Breeders.
Roanne’s a sucker for girl bands, she loves Hole, Babes In Toyland. However she has a soft spot for bands like Electric Wizard.
Lew is really into Mac Demarco and Alex Calder but his all time favourite band is Nirvana.

So you’ve got a new name and a new record coming out. What else have you got in store for the upcoming year?
We’ve got a few gigs booked so far and they are;

Jan 17th – Wakefield w/ Cactus Knife
Feb 12th – Liverpool Maguires Pizza Bar w/ Hawk Eyes
Feb 22nd – Liverpool Ship and Mitre w/Alright The Captain & Kusanagi
Feb 24th – Hull (Venue TBC)

We’re finishing writing the album and then will record it etc. Also we’re hopefully going on tour with our best buds eva 2k15 Stilts in the Summer!



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