Hey, have you heard about…LF

Telford three-piece LF

Telford three-piece LF

Having grown up in Telford, I can tell you that the words ‘Telford’ and ‘Trying to get Excited’ go hand in hand. Mocked for not having a proper town centre (even though the frog that blows bubbles in the ‘Telford Town Centre’ is fucking great), you might have heard of the place from those dreary ‘Come to Telford’ adverts, and that whole thing about holding the record for highest teenage pregnancy rates at one point…

But it’s also the stomping ground of the likes of Wax Futures and (occasionally) Manchester kool kidz Bad Grammar, as well as upcoming three-piece LF.
Worthy of fuck all, three piece know it alls‘, LF are Paul Pugh, Lyndon Henry Thompson and Nick Robinson (not that journalist bloke) who play incredibly catchy, 90’s-esque indie-pop that oozes with swagger and is about as infectious as a horrible virus. Dubbed as ‘Sleaze Pop music created in the Salop Quarter of the West Midlands in 2014‘, these guys are seemingly producing utter bangers on the regular, with their Soundcloud currently featuring four tracks likely to become earworms after just one listen!

Their latest track ‘Trying To Get Excited‘ (you can now see why it’s mentioned earlier, eh?) is a lovely blast from the past, and suitably warms one up on this cold winter evening. Listen to this pop smash and try to imagine LF not getting massive – you can’t do it. But remember, you heard it here first.

“…her legs like breadsticks, you’ve gotta have a taste…”

You can keep up to date with whats happening with the lads through their website, and If you like what you’ve heard and you’re in Manchester, you should probably come along to their show at The Castle on the 13th. Details here!

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