New video for ‘Clown’ sees Bad Grammar back in the boozer

Bad Grammar

Bad Grammar // Photo by Sam Huddleston

Manchester cool kids Bad Grammar are back with their snarling new video for ‘Clown

The main themes we’ve seen in videos from Bad Grammar so far are booze and people getting pissed up. Their debut video ‘Temper, Temper’ highlighted the glamour of daytime drinking, culminating in a messy mid-afternoon kebab (and who on earth is that handsome supporting actor in the burgundy jacket??)
The lovable duo meanwhile watched on from the sidelines, unimpressed.

The new video finds them back in a boozer, this time an old man pub (complete with dart board behind the drum kit) and with front man Ben under the microscope of a pervy lass at the bar. The video was directed by the awesome Jessica Wild, who also produced the video for Alpha Male Tea Party’s ‘You Eat Houmous, Of Course You Listen To Genesis.
On the subject of the video and how the shoot went, here’s Jess in her own words:

After BG saw my silly first effort to make a music video for AMTP, they asked me if I’d like to do them one. I said yes. They said cool. And then 11 months later, we did. However, our actual time frame was super tight: two locations, one day to film and not long to edit.

It was a hilarious day! I had such wonderful people to work with, so it was a blast!

The idea was to flip stereotypical sex roles. I felt it suited the band as Lucy is a girl in a band and a girl drummer!! (Weird right?) It was funny to think of all the ridiculous things you hear at gigs and then flip them around. Like “check out that drummer, he’s really good, for a guy.” Or “That band are only big because they have a token dude in the band”. It was fun to be in opposite land for the day, but it was also gross to think that sexism still happens a lot. Luckily, I don’t know any of these dicks personally. So this video is just a Fuck You to the ‘lads’ I don’t know… So there!”

Clown’ is out on February 23rd through Flatpack Records.

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