Dialects reveal details of debut EP and release new single ‘Restless Earth’

Scottish instrumentalists DIALECTS

Scottish instrumentalists DIALECTS

The premise behind Scottish math rock instrumentalists Dialects getting together was borne out of escaping a boring Christmas party. It’s a situation we’ve all been in – when it’s gone on a touch too long, you’ve drunk all the free wine and you’re fed up of chatting with Janet from accounts…
With material that guitarist Conor Anderson had been working on when his previous band ended, the Christmas party escapee was joined by Steven Gillies and Jonny Gormley, on guitar and drums respectively. As a trio, the band took to a rehearsal space and began creating music that would make up their debut EP.

With the addition of Ali Walker on bass a few months on from their inception, the Dialects name was introduced and their sound began to take shape. Writing and rehearsing regularly, material came thick and fast, with the quartet taking influence from the likes of And So I Watch You From Afar, Maybeshewill and Brontide. Dialects bounce between genres seamlessly, starting you off down one path and diverting down another without warning, and it’s all seemingly done with ease!

Last week saw them debut their new single ‘Restless Earth’ on Musical Mathematics, as well as reveal details of their debut EP. Soaring and anthemic, the new single is a great introduction to the band. It almost sounds like it could be the soundtrack to one of the Halo games or something in the Half Life world, which isn’t too far off the mark, as the band revealed in their press release:

‘”Restless Earth tells the start of the story behind the EP. A couple who travel from Utopia in another universe only to arrive in our world, young again and with the chance to have another life together. But really it’s just portals and shit.”

You can check out their new single below, and be sure to keep an eye out for UK tour dates soon as well as their debut EP LTKLTL, engineered, mixed and mastered by Glasgow producer Nick Lawrie, which is out May 11th.

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