&U&I burst at the seams in new video for ‘The Stamp’

&U&I release new video for ‘The Stamp’

&U&I release new video for ‘The Stamp’

Late last year, in what is becoming a bit of a yearly tradition, I left the rain soaked streets of Manchester behind and travelled across the country to interview one of my favourite bands. In 2013 it was Birmingham and The Flapper, but this time around it was down South and The Islington to catch up with &U&I.

On the back of two belting festival performances that summer at 2000trees and ArcTanGent, the latter of which included a crowd pleasing Blakfish song, I was delighted to see &U&I were performing again on a more regular basis and eager to discover what they had in store for the future.

&U&I are easily one of my favourite bands to interview. Wiz, Rich and Peckett are three of the funniest guys and during our hilarious chat in the back of drummer Wiz’s car, the Birmingham trio announced plans to record an EP for early 2015. You can check out the full interview here.

For those who might not have noticed, we’re now in early 2015 and true to their word, &U&I have set the wheels in motion for the release of their new EP with the release of a video for brand new single ‘The Stamp’. Created by Ollie Jones of Better Feeling Films (with a little help from his friends), the new video from the Brummy three-piece is like a twisted Jim Henson nightmare. Brooding and dark, creepy puppet versions of the trio batter out the rad new track, eventually spewing up blood and guts all over themselves as the song reaches its peak (I especially love drummer Wiz’s eye flicking about out of its socket).
The attention to detail is brilliant, with &U&I logos on the amps and even guitar pedals for Peckett! Ollie has written an in-depth piece on the making of the video, including pictures and video footage of the puppet designs and initial tests, which you can check out here.

Wiz in The Stamp

Wiz in The Stamp

The Stamp was recorded by Jamie Ward (he of Maybeshewill fame) at Seamus Wong’s in Leicester, and is taken from their highly anticipated EP ‘Merci‘ which is scheduled for release this spring. Merci follows on from their last release, the terrific Light Bearer released in 2011.
As well as the new EP, &U&I will be returning to 2000trees this year joining the likes of Pulled Apart By Horses, Turbowolf, Alkaline Trio and And So I Watch You From Afar. You can keep up to date with &U&I here and check out the new video below:

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