Record Store Day 2015 – The best of the bunch


Record Store Day – 18th April 2015

As far as public holidays and events on the social calendar go, Record Store Day might just be one of the most important. Starting out in America in 2007, when over seven hundred independent record stores banded together to celebrate their livelihood, it has now become a yearly tradition. The UK leg of Record Store Day will be celebrating its eighth year in the game tomorrow, with events happening up and down the country to honour those lovely wax discs. Hundreds of artists will be making in-store appearances and playing shows across the UK and beyond, with our very own Manchester having a number of exciting events happening throughout the day.

With it being such a special occasion, the big day sees lots of artists and labels putting out exclusive products that are only available on the day in question. A lot of these releases are super limited, so to avoid disappointment and to possibly lend a hand in finding out what purchases you should be making, here are some top picks for Record Store Day 2015 that have got the Birthday Cake For Breakfast stamp of approval!

*Note – they also put out some pretty kick-arse soundtracks on Record Store Day, and this year is no exception. Both Frank (exclusive green vinyl, as well as a mask!) and Shogun Assassin (on hand-numbered blood red wax?!) are two top picks this year!*

Turbowolf – Rabbits Foot/Solid Gold

Turbowolf have been slaying on the regular for a while now, and their RSD release is a proper one-two punch. This two track release, through Spinefarm Records on 10” black and white marbled vinyl, features two singles from their dynamite new album ‘Two Hands
Turbowolf are on their way to becoming massive, so it might be a struggle grabbing one of these on the day!


Turbowolf – Rabbits Foot/Solid Gold

Kagoule – The Bastard/Monarchy

I first became aware of Kagoule after they supported The Xcerts on their recent UK tour, and it was a speedy infatuation. Their debut album ‘Urth’ is set for release later this year through Earache Records, so what better way to get a feel for the Nottingham trio than by picking up ‘The Bastard’ on 7” “dirty gold” vinyl?!

Pulled Apart By Horses – One Night In Heaven

Sadly, this isn’t a cover of the tremendous M People pop smash from the 90’s. Rather, this is a live album from Pulled Apart By Horses, recorded at Heaven in London last year. The release is on 12” vinyl through the wonderful folk at Too Pure Singles Club and Transgressive Records, and is absolutely jam packed with PABH bangers.

Honeyblood – No Big Deal/The Black Cloud

Well worth adding to your lengthy list this RSD is this exclusive 7” released through FatCat Records. The Glaswegian duo Honeyblood premiered ‘The Black Cloud’ this week, and it’s a fuzzy, sun-soaked blast of nostalgia. Sitting alongside previous release ‘No Big Deal’, this release is limited to just 750 copies and much like the Turbowolf release, might be a struggle to grab onto come the big day!

God Damn/Baby Godzilla – We Don’t Like You/Greedy Pete

This release sees two powerhouse bands colliding on wax in a riffy apocalyptic showdown. The righteous Wolvo boys God Damn are smashing headfirst into the chaotic Baby Godzilla on 10” sludge grey vinyl, released through One Little Indian Records.
Both bands will be doing an in-store on the day itself at Left For Dead in Birmingham. Further information can be found here.

We Are Scientists – TV en Français, Sous la Mer

I thought the last We Are Scientists record was an absolute blast – full of smash hits. So where do they go from there? Well, nautical it would seem. For RSD 2015, the band are putting out ‘TV en Français, Sous la Mer’, described by the band as “…a re-do of 8 songs off of 2014’s “TV en Français” — it’s quieter, darker, and sounds great when played on submarines or in underwater bases
There’s even a hilarious karaoke styled video of the “Under the Sea” version of ‘Overreacting’ to get you in the spirit of things.

Sensible Record labels Compilation

Now this release is a real doozy! 11 UK indie labels are all joining up together to put out a compilation for RSD. The ‘Sensible Record Labels’ release will be a 12” release on red/black/yellow Crush vinyl (which features individually ground vinyl of 3 colours hand pressed into milky-clear records so each one is unique), featuring ten handpicked songs and a download card from each label with 1.5GB of extra content! Several of these tracks are never before heard exclusives, with the aim being to encourage indie fans to explore different labels and become further involved in the thriving UK indie scene.

Labels on the compilation include the likes of Alcopop! Records, Big Scary Monsters and Memphis Industries and it will feature tracks from Menace Beach, Alvvays, Joanna Gruesome and more. For a full list of the labels on this release, as well as a track listing for the record itself, check out this feature put together by Alcopop!

Sensible Record Labels Compliation, featuring Menace Beach, WOAHNOWS, Tellison and more!

Sensible Record Labels Compliation, featuring Menace Beach, WOAHNOWS, Tellison and more!

When the big day comes, I very much doubt I’ll be queuing up outside Piccadilly Records from the night before. I’m afraid I’m not as die hard as some…However, I’ll definitely be heading in and checking out what all the brilliant Manchester based record stores have to offer at a more reasonable time!

Agree with this list? Let us know what we’ve missed out, or what goodies you’re looking to pick up tomorrow and where you’re headed!
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