Live Review: False Advertising at St Clements Church in Manchester 24/5/15

Brand new Manchester trio FALSE ADVERTISING

Brand new Manchester trio FALSE ADVERTISING

Fresh from a late night spot at this year’s Dot To Dot Festival on Friday night, Manchester trio False Advertising decided to make a weekend of it, supporting Young Knives on Sunday as part of Chorlton Arts Festival. Closing a week’s worth of events in the bohemian suburbs of Chorlton, hipsters of all varieties gathered at St Clements Church on Sunday night, from the chin stroking beardy men to the tattooed hipster girls and everyone in between.

Considering its size, Chorlton has a lot of churches. Inundated with places of worship it is. I’ve lived in Chorlton a while now, but never ventured to St Clements Church (or many of the other holy buildings, to be honest) and even though the drink selection is mainly Fosters and bad wine, it makes for a cracking music venue. Large stained-glass windows provide the backdrop to the stage, with huge pillars supporting the high ceilings above – It’s easy enough to get lost just admiring the architecture.

False Advertising first caught my attention a few months back with the release of ‘Wasted Away’ – A sublime debut, with a fuzzy sound that gives a nod to alt bands of the 90’s, featuring an incredibly catchy chorus. It came as a bit of a shock to learn that not only was it their first single, but that they’d not even played their first show yet.

False Advertising, supporting Young Knives at St Clements Church, as part of Chorlton Arts Festival

False Advertising, supporting Young Knives at St Clements Church, as part of Chorlton Arts Festival

Following a wave of hype and heaps of praise, False Advertising are still counting their live shows on one hand, but you wouldn’t think it if you saw them. Sunday evening at St Clements Church saw them play one of their bigger shows to date and they looked entirely comfortable in front of the large crowd. One song in and my buddy turned to me with a look of approval, noting that he could see them becoming massive. Judging by the growing crowd, It would appear he’s not the only one. As they get a few tunes into the set, the congregation that turned up early were really lauding their sound.

Proving that the early promise continues through into their other songs, their set was packed out with fuzzy, alt-rock future hits. At one point, guitarist Jen switched places with drummer Chris and they both picked up the next track as if nothing had changed. But this wasn’t a chance for both parties to show off their skills in different musical vocations, but rather a way of changing up the song structure. False Advertising don’t see themselves as having a fixed front-person, choosing instead to alternate when the occasion calls for it, with the shift in formation really adding another dimension to their sound (which you can hear in their other track I Don’t Know’) Backed up by bassist Josh Sellers, these guys not only have a really great sound, but the look is there too. There’s a lot to get excited about with False Advertising.

Wasted Away, the single that got everyone excited in the first place, closes the set and is really worthy of the slot. It’s got such a great sound to it and really got the crowd pumped for the headliners. With huge beaming smiles, the trio gave thanks and headed off stage. The buzz that formed online now permeated throughout the Holy room.

People are getting excited about False Advertising. Give it a few months and I predict they will be everywhereIf you want to get in whilst they’re still in their early stages, they’ve got a show at Night and Day next Tuesday, event details of which can be found here.

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