Interview: The Life Aquatic with Delta Sleep

The wonderful Math Rock quartet Delta Sleep

The wonderful Math Rock quartet Delta Sleep

Late March, the wonderful math-rock quartet known as Delta Sleep came back into our lives with the announcement of their debut album and a delectable single in the form of ‘Lake Sprinkle Sprankle.’ Though they’ve always remained active since their formation back in 2010, gigging up and down the UK and throughout Europe, this first single back was the first new release from their shores since 2013’s brilliant Management EP.

Twin Galaxies, released mid-June through the rad Big Scary Monsters label, is cited as ’10 tracks of brilliant math rock which will stick in your head for days’ which isn’t far off, as Lake Sprinkle Sprankle is still yet to leave mine…So far we’ve had little snippets here and there from Twin Galaxies. The album artwork (and the singles preceding it) have featured beautiful imagery of an aquatic nature, and song titles such as Uncle Ivan, Spy Dolphin and the aforementioned Lake Sprinkle Sprankle continue the nautical theme.

Earlier this month they released a brilliant video with a nod to Cult British comedy Look Around You, and just recently, GoldFlakePaint premiered the wonderful ‘Spy Turtles’ – a downbeat, dreamlike electronic piece that gives the feeling of being submerged underwater, with the soothing vocals of front man Devin Yuceil floating above. The latest track to be taken from their new record, it suggests some surprises lurking in the depths of Twin Galaxies.

With the new album out relatively soon (where is this year going, right?) I put forward some questions to front man Devin, to which he dutifully responded. Devin also talked about their upcoming appearance at this year’s ArcTanGent Festival, and there’s even mention of the Guvinator and a certain Chief Running Bull of the Wamapoko tribe! Check out the interview below, and be sure to pre-order a copy of the new record through Big Scary Monsters here.

Late March you dropped the wonderful ‘Lake Sprinkle Sprankle’ to a wave of good reviews. Were you pretty pleased with the response?
Devin: Absolutely, we’re just so happy to finally release this new material out into the world. We’ve been working on this for so long and we’re really happy that people are responding positively to it.

The sweet Delta Sleep family photo

The sweet Delta Sleep family photo

As well as the single release, you also put out details on your debut album Twin Galaxies. That first single is a pretty bitter-sweet, nostalgia soaked track. What sort of themes do you touch on in the album?
Well musically the themes fluctuate from nostalgic laid back vibes to brutally raw energy and everything in between.
Lyrically, all the songs are connected by one underlying theme about a guy who goes through a rough patch and his entire town crumbles into a vast ocean. He then has overcome certain aquatic obstacles in order to find his way to a new land.

What acted as inspiration during the writing process?
That would be a mix between Tea, Coffee, Haribo, Weed and Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

How long has the album been in the works now? Can you tell us a little about the writing and recording process?
The album has been in the works for a couple of years now. About a year and a half ago we went through a line-up change which slightly slowed down the process. Our whole bass and drums rhythm section were switched around, which meant we had to re-learn and adapt some of the older compositions to the new sound of the band.
We had about 3 songs finished and a few others in the process, we spent the next few months purely focusing on composition.
We had an EU tour booked around this time last year. We didn’t really know how to play the songs properly before we set off, but then returned with the power of 7 oxes. We recorded the whole album a week later with our good friend and very talented recording engineer Thomas Le-Beau Morley.

The new album is out through Big Scary Monsters – Great label! Chuffed to be working with BSM again for this release?
We’re so lucky to have a great label like BSM behind us. We feel that they are the perfect match for us and allow us to progress in our own natural way. Plus we are fans of the label and all the bands on the label so it’s win, win and win.

I loved the video for Lake Sprinkle Sprankle, especially seeing the Delta Sleep family scene. What’s the story behind the making of the vid? Big ‘Look Around You’ fans I take it?
Haha yes, we love Look Around You. We loved the simplistic style they use for the experiments, so we decided to use a similar approach but with a different colour backdrop for each experiment.
The rest of the idea came to us after taking peyote in the Nevada desert with Chief Running Bull of the Wamapoko tribe. 

The latest teaser from the new album comes in the form of the lovely ‘Spy Turtles’, which suggests the album is going in some new directions?
We’re all massive fans of electronic music and we’ve always talked about including more synthetic elements into our songwriting. So this was a little tester to see how we could marry this new sound with the rest of the album.
We’re pretty happy with how it came out so I imagine we will be doing some more experimentation in our new material. 

Twin Galaxies follows on from 2013’s Management EP – What’s different this time around?
I think song writing-wise it very much picks up where Management left off.
A couple of the songs were written shortly after our Management phase so they do have a similar feel about them.
But I definitely think this album is a nice middle ground between our old material and ways of composing (with our previous line-up) and the new stuff we are working on at the moment.
It feels like a nice transition between the two incarnations of Delta Sleep which will hopefully leave you with an aftertaste of what is in store for the future.

This year had already seen you gallivanting around Europe on tour – What were some of the highlights?
We love touring Europe; it’s such a great way to travel. The beauty about Europe is there are so many countries and cultures and languages within just a few hours driving distance.
Our highlights would have to be Italy because of the food and the lovely people, and Prague because it’s an amazing city and our last show there was da bomb!

In other show news, you’re playing this year’s ArcTanGent Festival – What are your thoughts on that wonderful three day fest? Stoked to be playing this year?
We can’t wait for Arctangent. We played there 2 years ago and it was one of the best festivals we’ve ever played. This year’s line-up is just insane, some of our favourite bands, and we can’t wait go back there and have a whole bunch of fun with our friends and fans. See you in the pit!

Twin Galaxies by Delta Sleep, out June 15th through Big Scary Monsters

Twin Galaxies by Delta Sleep, out June 15th through Big Scary Monsters

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