Space Blood make their theatrical debut in ‘Animal House 4: Animal Rights Pay Day’

Math-Rock kooks Space Blood

Math-Rock kooks Space Blood

Normally when it comes to Space Blood news, I’m right there on the front lines, gushing with praise. With this new video, released a few weeks back, I kinda dropped the ball. What can I say, life eh? I got too caught up in the new series of Silicon Valley…

Math-Rock kooks Space Blood have debuted their first official video, featuring the brand spanking new track ‘Animal House 4: Animal Rights Pay Day.‘ In a burst of exciting news, the new track is the first to be taken from their upcoming collaborative series ‘Math & Atlases‘ – An effort to unite math-rock bands in the US and the UK for the greater good. Split across three different volumes, the series will feature music from the likes of 100 Onces, Wot Gorilla?,Alright the Captain, Paper Mice, Chipper Jones, Snort, Vasa, Lambhorn,Evasive Backflip, Kusanagi and heaps more rad bands!

This live take was filmed in their hometown of Chicago and produced by Dan Wilcox and Rob Blackburn III. Check out the new video below, and keep your eyes, ears, mouth and nose cocked and locked for news on the Math & Atlases series coming out later this year. Space Blood will also be speaking directly with Birthday Cake For Breakfast when they’re over in the UK this fall, so keep your peepers firmly fixed on the site for then!

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