Exclusive: To The Wall unveil brand new single ‘Stockholm’ ahead of festival debut at 2000trees

Brummy supergroup To The Wall (Photo Credit: Drw-Images)

Brummy supergroup To The Wall (Photo Credit: Drw-Images)

The eagerly anticipated debut single from To The Wall is finally here and the result is something that was truly worth waiting for. ‘Stockholm’ is the first release from the Brummy supergroup, the four-piece made up of ex-Shapes members Gavin Filmer and Steve Bachelor joining forces with Wiz and Thom Peckett of Ex-Blakfish/&U&I fame. The frantic Stockholm really takes hold on first listen, only letting up for the cutting, self-deprecating chorus as front man Peckett laments ‘The jokes on you, I couldn’t care less about myself.
Speaking with Birthday Cake For Breakfast, Thom provided some insight into the writing process behind the latest single “The tune is a mixture of different lyrical themes. I never really write completely about one thing. I find that I end up jotting little things down that I like and then using them in different places. Some of the lyrics in ‘Stockholm’ are related to a number of themes. Embarrassment, air travel, computers, loads of things. I kinda like people to draw their own meanings and conclusions from my lyrics. I find it too easy if people can listen to a song and just say ‘that’s about drugs’ or whatever.” 

Their explosive debut was recorded in El Paso, Texas with producer extraordinaire Chris Common, who has worked with the likes of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Minus The Bear and ISIS to name a few. Self-filmed footage from their time stateside makes up the new video, with editing duties down to Simon Clarke. On working with Chris Common and putting out their debut track, bassist Gavin: “We’re really excited to finally release some music as To The Wall. It’s been a long and slow process for us, as we spent a good amount of time writing without a vocalist before Thom joined. Plus, with Chris Common producing the record but being on the other side of the world and a very busy man himself, it has been a strange way to put a record together.”

This year has seen their official debut as a band, following a number of cryptic in-studio photos showing up on Instagram a year ago. I first became aware that Thom had joined the band when he pretty much spilled the beans at last year’s ArcTanGent Festival, but in lieu of the new single, here’s a more accurate recollection from the front man “Wiz first played me the tracks at a friend’s house, and when I heard them I thought ‘ahh man, I’d love to sing on those.’ But I was really busy with other bands and work stuff. A load of time passed and I got talking to wiz on a trip back from the pub and he mentioned that they still didn’t have a vocalist. I had some more spare time now, so he asked me to come along to a practice and have a go and it just seemed to work. I’d prewritten some lyrics in my little book and with a bit of tweaking they worked with music.” 

To The Wall release debut single Stockholm (Photo Credit: Anna Clarke)

To The Wall release debut single Stockholm (Photo Credit: Anna Clarke)

They’ve now played a handful of shows across the land with the likes of JOHN, Single Mothers and Youth Man, with 2000trees marking their festival debut in a weeks’ time. On their upcoming festival appearance and what we can expect following the single, Gavin adds “We recorded the music a year ago in El Paso. The vocals were added more recently and we’ve only played a handful of gigs so far, so it still feels very fresh to us. The first track is one of six tracks we recorded, which we will release as an EP later this year. We’re not quite sure when we will release the rest yet, but we really wanted to get a track out for people prior to playing 2000 Trees festival.”

If you’re coming to this year’s 2000trees, make sure you look out for To The Wall on Friday at The Cave Stage (and if you’re not coming yet, maybe this can persuade you) – Something tells me it’s gonna get sweaty!
You can check out the new video below and all other information on To The Wall via their stonking new website!

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