Exclusive: Edityourhometown in the studio with Small Pond Recordings for live session of ‘Banoffee Death Battle’

Edityourhometown in session with Small Pond Recordings

Edityourhometown in session with Small Pond Recordings

Having previously featured on this site earlier in the year with their shapeshifting single Suddenly…Ghosts!!! Edityourhometown return with this exclusive Small Pond live session. This time around, the Brighton quartet are serving up another helping from their vast repertoire in the funky, riffy monster that is ‘Banoffee Death Battle

Banoffee Death Battle is the first track to be taken from their upcoming sophomore EP (the title of which is a closely guarded secret at present!) A different sort of sound to their previous single, it comes from a little pedal inspiration in the form of the Pog-2 and wanting to kick out some beefy riffs! Speaking with Birthday Cake For Breakfast, guitarist Dan joked “We don’t want people thinking we’ve gone totally soft!” The EP will be out later this year, with those involved in the previous kickstarter campaign getting their hands on it earlier than the rest of us slobs.

The live session was shot at Metway Studios in Brighton with the wonderful folk at Small Pond Recordings, who have done a fantastic job (as per.) You might remember them from such sessions as Mutiny On The Bounty, Axes, and a whole host of bands at ArcTanGent including And So I Watch You From Afar! The session comes just before their appearance at this year’s Y Not Festival on July 31st, of which bassist Steve commented “…Hella stoked to be playing such a sick line-up, but kinda shitting bricks about it too.

Check out the live session below, and keep an eye on the Edityourhometown Facebook for further details on their forthcoming EP.

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