Let’s Talk Daggers drop mind-blowing new video for ‘I Love You Dad, But I’m Mental’

The three-mendous Let's Talk Daggers

The three-mendous Let’s Talk Daggers

We’ve all been there. You’re out on a road trip through the desert and the sea with your bestest pals, when suddenly you’re all in the mood to blast off into outer space and beyond. It’s a common occurrence. Before too long, you might come back down to earth and encounter a nice man selling apples choc-full of psychedelic chemicals. It happens all the time, yet no one ever seems to document it…

Thank buggery then for the Eastbourne trio Let’s Talk Daggers. Their new video for the exceptionally titled ‘I Love You Dad, But I’m Mental’ came out this week and documents all the above. Since its release, it’s been receiving all kinds of deserved praise for its lunacy. The frantic, snarling new single is taken from their upcoming debut album ‘A Beautiful Life’, which is out through Tangled Talk later this year. To find out how you could grab yourself a copy of the new single (and pre-order the album), head here – once you’re done with that, check out the brain-frying new video below:

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