Men behind the masks: An exclusive interview with Space Blood

Math-Rock Kooks SPACE BLOOD

Math-Rock Kooks SPACE BLOOD

It’s hard to describe a Space Blood live show.

Last year’s Carefully Planned Festival is responsible for my first Space Blood experience. With the back room of The Castle packed out with baffled punters, two Americans in creepy masks were commanding the minuscule stage, producing some unique style of musical theatre. Mind bending jazzy math-rock mingled with rib-tickling skits and participation – audience style.
Unsurprisingly, it was great. The peculiar gags and crowd involvement were spot on, whilst the playing was as enjoyable as it was tight.

Nearly a year on from that show and only across the road from The Castle, last night saw Space Blood return to Manchester’s Northern Quarter for a show at Gullivers. Just as kooky as before, the masked duo were a scream. As well as an on stage ‘Dad Bod’ contest, one particularly hilarious point occurred early into their set, with bassist Sam dropping his guitar in the middle of a song and legging it through the crowd to the backstage area. Clutching paper signs on his return, featuring such slogans as ‘SCREAM’, ‘SURF’ and ‘CONGA LINE’, he excitedly held these aloft whilst drummer William kept the beat – the crowd naturally obliging every request.

Space Blood - Live at Gullivers, Manchester

Space Blood – Live at Gullivers, Manchester

The show was part of their ‘Intergalactic Knobhead tour’, of which they’re currently balls deep. Shows have seen Space Blood paired up with all manner of dope math-rock bands from across the UK, which has done wonders for international relations (and merch sales.)
These shows come just after the release of the ‘Math & Atlases: UK‘ compilation, featuring the likes of Iran IranKusanagiAlright The Captain and Wot Gorilla?  

Since that initial Space Blood experience last year, the duo have featured on the site numerous times, and I’ve been keen to get the inside story on the band. With the pair in Manchester, I got in touch with William and Sam and we put together their first out of character interview.
With bellies full of pancakes and coffee, the three of us sat down on the noisiest chairs imaginable to peek behind the masks of Space Blood.

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