An interview with Dialects as they round out a triumphant year

Scottish math-rock instrumentalists Dialects

Scottish math-rock instrumentalists Dialects

It’s turning into a bumper year for Dialects. Being touted by some as one of Scotland’s brightest math-rock prospects, the four-piece from Glasgow have been hard at work the past twelve months.

The earlier half of 2015 saw Dialects put out their debut EP ‘LTKLTL’, with praise coming from the likes of Kerrang!, Prog Magazine and The Independent (the latter having streamed the EP before its official release.) The release of the EP coincided with a UK tour alongside the phenomenal Mutiny On The Bounty. Following on from that, they kept the ball rolling, joining up with the equally impressive Icelandic Solstafir for a run of shows.

October 23rd will see the release of their latest single, the breathtaking ‘it’s not a ghost…it’s gravity.’ The new single is a total triumph; a continuation of the style they’ve established whilst also being a great indicator of all the hard graft these four individuals have put into the band’s development.

Today, Dialects have just finished up a run of shows across the UK with the brilliant Waking Aida. At the time of writing though, they were still on the road. On the drive to Leicester, guitarist Conor was kind enough to answer some questions for Birthday Cake For Breakfast.

BCFB: Late September saw you put out the staggering “It’s not a ghost… it’s gravity“, a real indicator that you’re not fucking about! What’s the story behind the new single
Conor: I certainly hope so, thank you! It’s basically a follow on from the story of the EP. When our two characters went through the portal in ‘Spectacular Supernovae’, that was the beginning of the journey home. However for our female character, it’s a glimpse into what’s to come. We have a video coming out soon that’ll give an idea into what we have planned for the future. Myself and Steve are huge Interstellar fans and there is a moment when they foreshadowed the ending with a handshake and that really struck a note with us, hence the name being a direct quote from the movie.

It’s been received really well – Are you all pretty chuffed with the response?
It has been interesting to see how a song written by the full band would fair. We’re a much tighter unit than when we started and are beginning to really develop our sound. I’m very pleased to see how much people are enjoying it! An interesting fact is that this song has had another 7/8 written before it, so we wanted to make sure we’d chosen the right song to showcase to people how we’re developing. 

I remember speaking with you at ArcTanGent, and you were very enthusiastic about your new stuff. How are things developing with the material?
I recall said conversation! I don’t want to say too much at the moment, but all I will say on the matter is that we’re completely on schedule with what we have planned and that on this tour we are performing mostly new material. Only two songs from ‘LTKLTL’ have been included in the set.

Obviously the first sign of your new material, what else can people expect from you in terms of new releases?
There is most definitely stuff in the pipeline. We’ve released our debut EP and single this year, and have done (once this tour is complete) three UK tours, so the focus will shift very much to what we do for the rest of the year and into 2016.

The new single follows on from your debut EP ‘Let The Kids Light These Lanterns’ released earlier in the year. What’s different this time around?
I wouldn’t have said anything is drastically different, more that we’re in a great place writing together and playing together now. When we released ‘LTKLTL’ we had no idea how the rest of the year would’ve panned out. We’re very grateful that we’ve done what we have and hope we can keep this momentum going! 

You’ve been out on the road with Waking Aida this month. How have the shows been for you?
Glasgow was incredible. It’s been a while since we played a home town show to our own crowd, the last time being when we supported Solstafir, which was sold out before we were announced as support!! It was a very busy show and we even had a cheeky surprise for everyone in the form of two drummers on stage for ‘Restless Earth’ & ‘Unknown Orbit’. Our friend Liam McAteer is filling in for two shows on this tour so we thought it would be great to have him involved for part of the Glasgow show.
Darwen was great fun also. The promoters have put us on twice now and they have a great DIY ethic, so a big shoutout to ‘nineteen eighty eight promotions’ for once again looking after us and putting on a great show. 

With the release of your debut EP and a tour with Mutiny On The Bounty earlier in the year, it seems you’ve been having a pretty blinding 12 months? What have been some of your highlights?
Both touring with MOTB & Solstafir has been incredible. MOTB are one of our favourite bands and we have great a friendship with them now. The EP launch show in Glasgow was pretty special. I can barely even remember it now as it flew by when it happened. 
Touring with a band the size of Solstafir was an incredible experience as well and a massive opportunity to test ourselves in front of bigger audiences. We ticked off some venues we’ve wanted to play for a very long time, and the final show in Colchester Arts Centre was unbelievable. The reaction from the crowd for us was staggering. Reading reviews of our performances on that tour was incredibly motivating and we were humbled by the response we got. We’d love to do a tour of that size again in the future!

Seeing the reaction to the EP was excellent. Reviews of it were extremely complimentary, and we even came 9th in the fan voted ‘Fecking Bahamas’ mid year report. When we saw the bands that had made it into that list we were stunned to see how high our EP was. It was ahead of some excellent albums released this year so that took us by surprise. 
2015 has been such a great year for the band and there are many more incredible stories around the friends we’ve made, shows played and reviews of our material so it has been excellent. We just hope it continues! 

Double Drumming Action - Dialects Live!

Double Drumming Action – Dialects Live!

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