Beast From The East(bourne): An interview with Let’s Talk Daggers ahead of the release of their debut album ‘A Beautiful Life’

Let’s Talk Daggers: “Like Paramore, but with the ‘back beat’ of A Day To Remember.”

Eastbourne trio Let’s Talk Daggers first came to my attention following the release of ‘I Love You Dad, But I’m Mental’ – A breath of fresh air and a kick in the jaffa’s all at once.
The accompanying video was baffling; the oddball workings of a horrible nightmare or some choice Acid. It’s great.

The three friends have been blowing people’s minds up and down the land for a number of years now, sharing stages with the likes of Palm Reader, Baby Godzilla and Delta Sleep, as well as featuring in the column inches of the likes of Rock Sound and Kerrang!

As the year draws to a close, Let’s Talk Daggers are set to release their debut album ‘A Beautiful Life’ this Friday through Tangled Talk Records. Working with friend and producer Martin Ruffin to put it together, the production of the album was helped along via a Pledge Music campaign. Over 70 people helped push the boys to 100% of the funding they needed, with 5% of the campaign’s overall income going to Nepal Earthquake: Help Children Now – Unicef!

With the release of A Beautiful Life imminent, I put some questions to Let’s Talk Daggers as they bombed their way around the UK (likely in that very same white van from I Love You Dad, But I’m Mental…)

BCFB: Your debut album A Beautiful Life will be out before the end of the month – is that a pretty mad thought for you guys?
LTD: Well we have been sitting on the finished product for around a year and a half, so I’d say that the overall feeling between us is one of relief that people can finally hear it, which means that we can finally delete it from our iPads/iTunes, you know?

You set up one of those pledge dealies for the release of the album, which seems to have done exceedingly well. Were you pretty stoked about the response to it?
We couldn’t be more thankful to all of those who helped us out with it. We don’t think that the release would have ran quite as smoothly or as soon without it, so big thanks to Joel for that. We can see us using pledge again in the future.

It’s coming out through Tangled Talk Records – Are you pretty chuffed to be working with those dudes?
We’ve been with Tangled Talk Records for coming up to six years now and they have helped us out in a big way. None of our releases would have happened without them, and their continuing faith in us has been one of the major things keeping us afloat.

Following on from your previous releases, what’s different this time round (besides length, oo-er)?
Some of the songs on the album were written before some of the songs on our last E.P. ‘Fantastic Contraption’, so I’d say that a lot hasn’t changed but at the same time you can hear how we have matured as songwriters and we had a much more solid idea of what we wanted to create.

What sort of things have acted as inspiration for you during the production process?
Martin Ruffin is a continuing source of inspiration for us as a producer, musician and as a friend. During production we had an entire two weeks with him to be as meticulous as we desired and even get a little out of control with some of the details. He knows our sound better than anyone and every single song has benefitted from his input.

You’ve put out a number of baffling videos leading up to its release – Who’s coming up with the ideas behind these? How were the shoots?
The videos that we have released so far are the first and second in a trilogy which is ultimately the brainchild of our long time buddy Ben Pollard. We have worked with him before and we go back a while now, so the filming was more like hanging out with a camera than anything else really.

This month you’ve been out on the road, and you’ll be off for a quick jaunt around Europe. How have the shows been for you so far and where are you looking forward to getting to?
We know what you mean; we will definitely be enjoying a lovely ‘jaunt’ in Amsterdam.

Finally, it’s a bit of a struggle pinning down your sound….how would you explain Let’s Talk Daggers to the uninformed?
Again, it’s very much like Paramore, but with the ‘back beat’ of A Day To Remember.

A Beautiful Life is out tomorrow through Tangled Talk Records. Find out how you can grab yourself a copy by clicking the image below:

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