Exclusive: Live from Manchester – Instrumental theatrics from enigmatic duo Space Blood

Space Blood 2


If you’re a regular reader of Birthday Cake For Breakfast, it’s highly likely that you attended one of the recent Space Blood shows on their nation wide ‘Intergalactic Knobhead Tour.’ The two masked knobheads from that there Chicago made the long flight over to the UK mid-September, arriving in Birmingham on the 15th with copious amounts of Malort – a peculiar beverage from the windy city, just one drop of which soured the faces of numerous people within the UK math-rock scene.

Having wowed crowds with their instrumental theatrics in Glasgow, Cardiff, Bristol, Brighton and Derby, the enigmatic duo made their way up North on the 22nd, appearing at Gullivers in Manchester for a show with Bearfoot Beware, Wot Gorilla? and Body Hound. The stonking line-up produced one heck of a show, with our weird cousins from abroad delighting those in attendance with spasmodic, intricate math-rock. Click here to check out an exclusive interview with the pair, following the haze of that evenings adventures.

With the help of cutting-edge video recording technology (a.k.a. multiple cameras) John Simm a.k.a. The Drum Tamer, has produced a number of brilliant live videos from the evening, for those unfortunate suckers who weren’t able to attend.
Birthday Cake For Breakfast is proud to exclusively premiere one such video from that evening, the brilliant ‘Cash Cabellero.’ Featuring lashings of tripped out weirdness, it highlights the theatrical beauty of a Space Blood live show, complete with fan interaction and a conga line! Make sure to stick around till the end of the video for a heart pumping live edition of the popular ‘Dad Bods’ contest.

Space Blood are currently in the midst of a release spree, following the release of the second part in their ‘Math & Atlases’ compilation series last month. ‘Math & Atlases: Chicago’ focuses on contemporary releases from emerging bands in the math-rock/post-rock/noise-rock scene in Chicago, whilst ‘Math & Atlases: UK’, the debut release in the series, features a number of great bands from Blighty. ‘Math & Atlases: Goin’ Out West’, the third and final release in the series, is due out this December. Further details can be found here.

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