Hey, have you heard about… Canal Capitale


Glaswegian quartet Canal Capitale

Glaswegian quartet Canal Capitale

Irn Bru. Deep-fried pizza. Novelty tartan hats with little tufts of ginger hair sprouting out. Math-Rock bands.

Scotland produces all of these with aplomb (well, it might be some malnourished child in another country making the hats..) They’ve come on leaps and bounds with the latter; constantly spewing out one terrific band after another. The latest in a long line of these is Canal Capitale; four angry young men from the mean streets of Glasgow.

Recorded at 7 West Studios in Glasgow, their debut EP ‘Stunner Of The Month’ is very much the genuine article. Released early last month, straight from the off it packs a punch. Leading you in with ‘Lewis Newton’, it’s scrappy, twiddly uplifting math; the perfect soundtrack to compliment your walks home from work, kicking the leaves as you go. But as the EP progresses, things get a little deep and those dark clouds appear. The EP is finished off with the wonderfully titled Perfect, Cheers, Magic, Thanks‘ that’s very reminisce of the equally wonderful Delta Sleep.

Canal Capitale have been knocking about Glasgow for the past year, playing shows with the likes of Bearded Youth Quest, Vasa and Delta Sleep. Influence wise, you’re in good hands – they like all the same bands as you.

Check out the EP in full by clicking the picture below, and be sure to put a physical copy on your Wish List to Santa this Christmas.

‘Stunner Of The Month’ the debut EP from Canal Capitale

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