Exclusive: Giant Burger debut new single ‘Hard Plaice’

Wetherspoons For Breakfast: Giant Burger from East London

Wetherspoons For Breakfast: Giant Burger from East London

Can you love a band solely on their Twitter output?

East London based four-piece Giant Burger first came to my attention for that very reason – hilarious, damning Tweets about the music industry, their place within it and life in general. On further inspection, it also came to light that they’re a dead good band too.

They’ve got a brand spanking new song out and luckily for you, Birthday Cake For Breakfast is exclusively premièring it below.

Hard Plaice’ is a slightly sinister yet intriguing tune about a chip shop, featuring frantic bursts of super-enthusiastic carnival-esque chorus sing-alongs and clocking it in at just over a minute and a half. It’s one you’ll want to listen to again and again and again.

Recorded and produced by Mark Jasper at Sound Savers, a studio and rehearsal space in Hackney, Hard Plaice will be one of six tracks to be taken from their new tape ‘Giant Burger Forever’ out in late January. As part of a limited edition run of only 100, the tapes will come with hand numbered J cards and feature artwork from CM Carter (and will apparently come with crayons so you can colour it in yourself!)
In a statement made by the band, the tape has been promoted as such: “The tape will look and taste like they always do: overcooked.

Pre-orders should be going up within the next month and will be available here. Check out Hard Plaice in full below and show some love to Giant Burger.

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