Live Review: Peaches at Islington Mill in Manchester 3/12/15

Live Review from Peaches at Islington Mill

*Live Review written by guest writer Oonagh Collins*

Peaches: as filthy as ever!

I have wanted to see Peaches live for a long time and last night was an absolute treat! She’s a fantastic live performer and obviously prides herself on putting on a good show. There was a problem with the bass sound disappearing near the start, with Peaches saying to the crowd and sound guy “I’m not being a diva; I just want to play music for you guys.

Thankfully the show went on, so we could enjoy stand out songs like ‘Dick in the Air’, her cries of “Manchester! Manchester!” and see Peaches trip through the crowd to dance on top of the bar with a shot of Patrón.

There were some fabulous outfits too of course – A top and leggings with appliqué hands grabbing all over, a glittery horses plough harness and a vagina outfit with the clitoris flapping on top of her head. Plus a birthday suit on the top half to finish. The outfit changes seemed to nearly all be carried out while crouching down on stage so the she didn’t have to stop performing! What a woman.

Her energy and boldness make for a magnetic stage performer and her dance-punk sound worked really well in the intimate, low ceilinged, underground, slightly grimy basement vibe in Islington Mill’s music space. The crowd were absolutely loving it and properly dancing to every song. No nodding heads or tapping feet here; everybody was caught up with Peaches’ sheer presence and was really going for it. Peaches’ own two dancers were fun to watch too, adding to the infectious energy in the room.

The set was a mix of songs from the new album ‘Rub’ and hits from older albums like ‘Boys Wanna Be Her’ from ‘Impeach My Bush‘. Foul mouthed and unstoppable, it’s strange to think she’s from polite and reserved Canada. With explicit lyrics warnings on pretty much every song she’s ever written she clearly doesn’t mind controversy. Peaches talks (extremely) frankly about sex in a way that is still rare in our sex saturated culture.

‘Fuck the Pain Away‘ was at the end of the set and got a huge response from the fans. After already playing her biggest hit, I was a little worried that Peaches was finished after a set that lasted less than an hour. But she came back on (topless) and did a beautiful, emotional version of ‘Light in Places’ that left the fans pretty happy.

Peaches’ fans were interesting in their own right. I particularly enjoyed the beautiful alien drag queen and the guy with homemade Christmas LED light trainers. Then there was the determined topless dancing girl at the end, inspired by Peaches, who the bouncers just gave up on.

If you get a chance to see Peaches live make sure you do. You won’t regret it.

Peaches: Walking on the crowd, smoking a joint. FFF Fest in Austin, November 2015 (Photo Credit: Dylan Johnson)

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