The Last Shadow Puppets return with ‘Bad Habits’

It’s a shame it had to happen today. It’s likely you’ll have more important things on your mind, afterall. But whilst the rest of the world mourns the passing of one of the world’s icons for the past however many decades, a select few will be celebrating the return of two young lads from Northern England – The Last Shadow Puppets.

December 3rd 2015 saw the release of a one minute teaser on the band’s social media, with the exciting news that *something* would be coming in Spring 2016. The short video packs a lot in but doesn’t give too much away; A tremendously shot vignette, giving viewers a taste of the lives of The Last Shadow Puppets seven years on from their debut ‘The Age Of The Understatement.’

Where once it was all about sharp suits, turtlenecks and Beatles hair cuts, 2016 sees Alex and Miles in their evolved forms. This is the second coming of The Last Shadow Puppets.
Miles is shorn of his locks to make way for this new reinvigorated look, whilst Monsieur Turner is still dripping with sleazy rock star appeal (and a little bit less Layrite than the last time we saw him…)

Bad Habits’  retains the ‘Bond-Soundtrack’ vibe that came with the first record, but there’s a darker edge this time around. It’s infectious, it’s harsh, but most of all it’s intriguing – a sure sign of what to expect with the (hopefully) upcoming second album, whilst still keeping us guessing.

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