Andy Cooper gets Continental in brand new video for ‘Room To Breath/Number One’

'Room To Breath - The Free LP' The debut solo album from Andy Cooper

‘Room To Breath – The Free LP’ The debut solo album from Andy Cooper

In 2015, with a few decades under his belt as one third of legendary Long Beach, California hip-hop institution Ugly Duckling, Andy Cooper decided to branch out. Unlike most of his contemporaries, he rarely worked outside of the Ugly Duckling bubble, but chose to release his first solo effort in the first half of the year to explore his own abilities as an MC and producer.

The Free EP was a wonderful listen – Taking the chilled out, soulfulness people had come to expect of Ugly Duckling, whilst giving listeners a different take on the lyrical stylings of Andy and what he could do when it came to production.

Almost a year on from The Free EP, Andy Cooper is back with a brand new video for ‘Room To Breath/Number One.’ Directed by Daniel Ruczko, the super slick (yet claustrophic) video catches our man Andy humorously struggling to find personal space in various locations across Bremen, Germany. The tune itself is a delightfully infectious, chilled out jam, with an update of Number One from The Free EP showcasing Andy’s abilities in spitting at breakneck speed.

Room To Breath/Number One is taken from Andy’s debut solo album ‘The Free LP‘ out on German label Unique Records later this month. According to Andy, by putting your money down for this record, you’ll be getting “ten, high-velocity, Hip-Hop tracks for listeners who enjoy intricate, action-packed rhyming skill showcased over fresh loops and funky drums.”

Click here for an exclusive interview with Ugly Duckling from last April, and then get your peepers on the new video below. Also be sure to pre-order a copy of The Free LP by clicking here!

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