Fuzz Forever: False Advertising drop ‘Piece Of My Mind’ and announce new EP

(Photo Credit: Sebastian Siwko)

(Photo Credit: Sebastian Siwko)

Manchester based three-piece False Advertising certainly aren’t ones to stay quiet!

Following on sharpish from the release of their excellent self-titled debut album in September, last week saw False Advertising put out a brand new track. The blissfully fuzz-tacular ‘Piece Of My Mind’ picks up from the grungy, throwback sound of the previous record and then some; the superb vocals of Chris Warr and Jen Hingley playing delightfully over the stellar grooves of bassist Josh Sellers.

Piece Of My Mind isn’t just the latest we’ve seen from False Advertising, mind. The tail end of January saw the band team up with Super Smash Hit Records for a live session, and the keen eyed among you might’ve noticed that the trio have been in that there London, doing all sorts of fun stuff at the legendary Abbey Road Studios! Looks like they’ve been working on something special for Too Pure, which is a match made in a heaven!
If you’re unfamiliar with Too Pure, read all about their monthly Singles Club in an exclusive interview with head honcho Paul Riddlesworth here.

The new single is taken from their brand new EP ‘Brainless’, set for release April 22nd. Check out Piece Of My Mind below, and be sure to catch them on their upcoming UK dates listed beneath.

False Advertising on tour! Click the picture for full details!

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