Hey, have you heard about… Grief Tourist

Grief Tourist

Almost a year ago today, Pulled Apart By Horses drummer and founding member Lee Vincent announced his departure from the band. Having been with the dominating Leeds quartet since day one, Lee put down his sticks in an amicable split.

Now a year on, Lee has got a new project on the go – the ferocious Grief Tourist. Back behind the kit and also handling guitar duties, he’s joined by Morgan Sinclair (of My Project Ghost and Good Tiger) on bass, with Rich Wells (of Dock Street Tattoos in Leeds) on vocals.

Not Here’ and ‘I Wanna Be A Cult’ are the beginnings of what sounds tremendously promising; recorded in a one day sesh, utilising an old 8-track tape recorder. With nods to Eyehategod and early Ceremony, the two track debut is thunderous and unrelenting, heavy on guttural vocals and scrappy, punishing riffs. Short in length but delivering a hefty arse-kicking. 

Speaking with Birthday Cake For Breakfast on the formation of Grief Tourist, Lee had this to say: “After leaving PABH, I instantly felt a huge creative void, which I wasn’t expecting. So I just started playing guitar more, made some demos and roped in my friend, the tattooer Rich Wells, to sing on some of them. I just wanted to do something really gnarly, but not ‘metal’. I’d also just fallen in love with ‘Rohnert Park’ by Ceremony, so I was trying to rip them off too haha

Check out the full EP from Grief Tourist below and be sure to keep an eye out for updates from the trio.

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